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For Cookie's background and previous appearance in the Deadmines, see Cookie.

"Captain" Cookie is an elite murloc, captain of the Defias juggernaut, and the last boss of Deadmines on normal mode. On Heroic mode, there is one more boss after him.

Tactics summary

  • Heroic: Cookie does nothing but throw food on the floor, most rotten, some good. DPS should move to avoid rotten food aura and eat normal food to give an attack speed buff. Tank (or whoever has lowest DPS besides the healer) should pick up rotten food, followed by good food, so as to keep the rotten food debuff from getting too high, and to keep rotten food aura from hurting everyone else. Healer may want to use a lot of AE due to the auras.


Throw Food. Cookie will throw food items around. Their effect depends on whether they are rotten food items or not.

Objective of


After Admiral Ripsnarl dies, Cookie will spawn inside the hut. He is heavily shadowed and untargetable. When you get near to him, he will run past you, to the center of the deck and spawn a cooking pot, then jump in it. Cookie will throw food at random people, which will do damage and create food on the floor. There is Rotten food and normal food, the rotten food will emit a damaging aura to nearby players, if eaten it will debuff the player with 30% reduced movement and attack speed, and deal a DoT. The normal food when eaten will give players a stacking buff that increases movement and attack speed, stacking up to 99 times.


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Heroic_Deadmines_-_Captain_Cookie How_To_"Captain"_Cookie_-_Deadmines_Heroic

Related achievements


On Ripsnarl's death
  • A shadowy figure appears in the ship's cabin!


  • As Cookie will not move from his spot, this fight is rather easy to reset if needed. Leaving the deck will make it possible for you to no longer be targeted, but will not reset the fight, however if all players run further down the ramps he will despawn. He will also reset if players jump into the Defias Cannons.
    • Doing this may be seen as an "exploit" as you could DoT the boss then run off the deck, not having to worry about your health, as Cookie's health slowly drains away. This will mostly likely be fixed in the near future to prevent such actions.

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