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An add is a creature that adds into an existing fight with you.[1]

"That Ogre is going to add."

  1. Any mob that happens by or spawns in the general area (sometimes by surprise) while one is already fighting the initial mob. Some people use the more specific and accurate term "pop" for when a mob spawns unexpectedly.
  2. Some game mechanics also allow what is sometimes known as "Bring A Friend" mob scripting. This is when a mob, when attacked, sends out a call for help to its mates and "brings a friend" to the party. Other related scripting exists that is similar in result but differing in specifics, as well.
  3. A third means of mobs becoming adds is a game mechanic where a various class of mob will send out scouts to spot enemy movement, just as a well-trained troop of soldiers might do. When the mob sees a creature it considers a threat, it either runs back to its home base or calls for help if near enough to some of its kin already.
  4. If you or another character is running through an area while chasing or running away from a mob or another player (in PvP), you may get within the aggro radius of another mob and cause it to add. When this situation causes multiple adds, it is sometimes called training.
  5. A term used in high-end raids to denote "trash" mobs that are not bosses.
  6. Can be used to describe a boss's additional mobs along with the actual boss mob itself. For example: Majordomo Executus's Flamewaker Elites and Healers, Golemagg the Incinerator's Core Ragers, or High Priestess Jeklik's Bats.

Additional notes:

  • Typically, a hostile mob will add whenever it's within the aggro radius of a player. Additionally, under the 'bring a friend' type situation, a mob may aggro if it's within the assist range of another mob which is already aggroed - even if that is outside of its normal aggro radius.
  • Sometimes using a power or spell with high threat or hate near a neutral or unfriendly, but not hostile mob, will cause it to turn hostile and add.