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For his background, see James Harrington.

I will rip your heart from your chest!

Admiral Ripsnarl is a worgen boss located in the Deadmines.

Tactics summary

  • Heroic: Until the very end, Vapors should always be killed as fast as possible whenever they spawn. At 75/50/25%, when Ripsnarl vanishes, there's nothing to kill but Vapors until he reappears. At the very end, when you start getting swarmed by Vapors, ignore the Vapors and burn Ripsnarl down fast.


  • [Basic Melee]
  • [Thirst for Blood]—Admiral Ripsnarl's thirst for blood increases with each successful attack.
    • [Thirst for Blood]—Ripsnarl's thirst for blood increases his melee attack speed and movement speed for 10 sec. 10% time between attacks decrease, 5% movement speed increase per stack. Stacks to 20. Lasts 10 seconds if not refreshed.
  • [Swipe] Melee range—A ferocious swipe deals Physical damage to the target and up to three nearby enemies.
  • [Go For the Throat]—Jumps at the target, inflicting 100% weapon damage and knocking the target down. 1.5 sec duration

Objective of


Phase 1

Admiral Ripsnarl has a buff called Thirst for Blood, which gives him a 10% attack speed and a 5% movement speed increase per stack, stacking up to 20 times, for each successful melee attack he performs.

Phase 2

Every 25% health, he will vanish and the ship's deck will turn foggy. A few adds called Vapor spawn and need to be killed. After a certain amount of time or when the vapors are all dead, Admiral Ripsnarl will cast Go For the Throat on a random group member, stunning them for 5 seconds, and reappear. At around 25% he will disappear into the mist again, but this time he will cast Go For the Throat after all of the adds have finished spawning, meaning you have to deal with them in addition to Ripsnarl.

When Ripsnarl dies, all of the vapors will despawn, and "Captain" Cookie will spawn inside the hut.


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Related achievements

  • [It's Frost Damage]


  • Ah, fresh meat!
  • Do you feel that chill running up your spine?
  • The fog is rolling in...
Go For the Throat
  • I can smell your fear...
  • I will rip your heart from your chest!
Killing a player
  • Your blood only increases my hunger!
  • You will... NOT find her... until it is too late...


The fight can be reset by leaving the ship's deck.

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