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The Agamand Mills

The Agamand Mills was a vast windmill network once controlled by the Agamand family in northern Tirisfal Glades. Now the mills are vacant and the Agamand ghosts, unaligned with the Forsaken, haunt their former home. Many animate skeletons can be found here as well.[1]


File:The Dark Story Of The Agamand Mills - Warcraft Lore-0

When the Scourge attacked Lordaeron, the Agamands decided to hold fast to their home, and ordered their farmhands to remain on the property to defend it. This effort proved to be in vain; the Agamands and their farmhands were massacred by the Scourge, and most of them arisen in their service...however, a select few have broken away, and become Forsaken instead.

The town of New Agamand, the Forsaken outpost in the Howling Fjord in Northrend, is named after the Agamands and their mills.

Monsters and related NPC's

  • Devlin Agamand - The youngest of the siblings and the first to fall under the influence of the Scourge, it was Devlin who first allowed the undead access to the Mills. Because of his betrayal, Devlin was outcast by his siblings and now wanders the outskirts of the Mills.
  • Thurman Agamand - Devlin's brother.
  • Gregor Agamand - Devlin and Thurman's father.
  • Nissa Agamand - Gregor's wife. She haunts the farmhouse and is the only incorporeal undead of the family.
  • Captain Dargol - An agent of the Scourge who guards the Agamand Family Crypt.
  • Coleman Farthing - A former farmhand for the Agamands, Coleman is bitter toward them all and wishes revenge for forcing him and the other employees to stand guard on the property only to be slaughtered and resurrected as undead minions.
  • Yvette Farthing - The sister of Coleman Farthing who now resides in the Gallows' End Tavern in Brill with her brother. She shared a secret romance with Thurman Agamand, who is now lost to the Scourge.
  • Tormented Spirit - A rare banshee who haunts the Mills and can sometimes be mistaken for Nissa.