Akama's Trust was a faction added in Patch 5.1, but apparently abandoned after Patch 5.2.


Before Patch 5.3, this Warlock} Warlock-specific questline was associated with this faction:[citation needed]

  1. From Krasarang Wilds:
    N [90] Enlistment Orders from Horde General Nazgrim
    N [90] Enlistment Orders from Alliance Admiral Taylor
  2. In Orgrimmar or Stormwind City:
    H [90] A Tale of Six Masters
    A [90] A Tale of Six Masters
    HordeN [90] Hunt Helheim
    AllianceN [90] Slaughter Selenora
  3. N [90] Seeking the Soulstones
  4. N [90] Seek the Signal
  5. N [90] Infiltrating the Black Temple

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