Alcaz Island

A shot of a destroyed Alliance tower on Alcaz Island

The internment camp on Alcaz Island

Alcaz Island is a large island off the northeast coast of Dustwallow Marsh. Unlike the rest of the zone, it features tropical vegetation similar to the nearby Echo Isles. It is inhabited mostly by naga and hydras, which can be found in the water around the island.

Once a human settlement, naga have taken over Alcaz Island and seem to be protecting something. Rumors abound, but so far no one has uncovered what the naga may be hiding. Alcaz was a small human village with an underground tunnel system, and presumably the tunnel system might be where the naga are hiding whatever it is they are guarding. Hydras also dwell off the coast; these may be native to the area, or the naga may have summoned them.[1]

While it is only a short swim from the coast, it can be rather dangerous since the monsters on and around the island are level 57-62 elite.

Under the surface of the island is a heavily guarded prison, where the missing king of Stormwind, Varian Wrynn was kept after his abduction by the Defias.

During the events surrounding the opening of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj (in Patch 1.9), several changes occurred. A malicious gnome, Doctor Weavil arrived on the island with his flying machine, and now resides in the largest house of the island, guarded by several of his minions. At the same time, King Varian Wrynn disappeared from his prison cell. His former cell is now home to a naga called Tidelord Rrurgaz.

While you can attack Doctor Weavil, he has approximately 326K health, and after fighting him for about 15 seconds, he will mind control you and you will be his minion for two minutes. At that point he resumes his nap and, when the debuff expires, the fight starts over again.

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Alcaz island may be named after Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay, California. There is another prison in the game with a name similar to Alcatraz Island: the Arcatraz in Tempest Keep.



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