Alliance & Horde Compendium is a source book for the Warcraft RPG and was published in 2004.

It can also be bought in used condition at various sites such as amazon, eBay etc... Price range is around 30$.

Short story

Alliance & Horde Compendium contains one untitled short story.

This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft novels or short stories.
  • A blood elf named Var'thal battles a felstalker. He defeats it and then feeds off its energy. He contemplates what it would be like to feed off of stronger demons or perhaps Jaina Proudmoore, or even the Lich King. He then promises to tell his Prince his tale.




  • The book is out of print. However, it could still be obtained in PDF format from Drive Thru RPG through 2009. Sometime after that it was no longer available.

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