The Alliance Gunship in Deepholm.

See also: Llane's Oath

The Alliance Gunship flies above a large area of eastern Deepholm, circling the areas that include the Twilight Precipice

[61.8, 39.4]

and Deathwing's Fall

[63.6, 50.6]

. The gunship was infiltrated by members of the Twilight's Hammer clan. They tricked the Alliance admiral into attacking the Horde gunship, Storm's Fury, as it was attempting to deliver a piece of the World Pillar to the Temple of Earth. Once accomplished, the clan poisoned the food supplies of the crew aboard the Alliance Gunship, killing all of them with the exception of First Mate Moody, who only barely clings to life inside the admiral's cabin.



  • The Alliance Gunship is not an officially named subzone of Deepholm.
  • This was possibly named Llane's Oath during the beta, but the name never apparently made it into the live version.

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