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Amanitar is an optional boss in Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom that only appears in heroic mode. The boss is located in the bog area to the left of the large mobbed area prior to the third boss, down the stairs. It is the same location the Funky Fungi quest is completed in.


  • Mini - This debuff reduces damage done by 75% and reduces defense by 500, causing chains of crits on the tank. It cannot be removed with any decurse, but can be removed with Divine Shield. If a Death Knight is tanking, it is highly recommended to use Anti-Magic Shell to become immune. If a paladin tank is in use, divine shielding and then clicking off the shield is advised to remove the debuff. Alternatively, a paladin tank can maneuver to a position beside a healthy mushroom, killing it as Hammer of the Righteous is used within their regular rotation.
  • Poisonous Mushroom - This and the Healthy Mushroom continue to spawn throughout the fight. They share the same model but the poisonous variety have a green aura from their poison cloud, dealing 3238 to 3762 Nature damage every 2 sec.
  • Healthy Mushroom - This and the Poisonous Mushroom continue to spawn throughout the fight. If you kill a healthy mushroom without the debuff "Mini" you and anyone nearby gains the buff Potent Fungus which grants 100% increased damage. These have no aura



Upon pulling this boss, a large amount of mushrooms will immediately spawn all over the bog area. Some are healthy, some are poisonous. The poisonous mushrooms are denoted with a green aura, which does nature damage to anyone in their vicinity. Each mushroom only has 150 health, and are easily killed. AOE the tanking area to clear it from Poisonous Mushrooms that spawn in at approximately 30 second intervals. At the same time, try not to kill the Healthy mushrooms while you are AOE-ing the tanking area whenever possible. If you get the "mini" debuff from Amanitar, kill a Healthy Mushroom to go back to normal. If possible, try to stand near a Healthy Mushroom.

Killing a healthy mushroom when you are "mini" and close to it removes the debuff and appears to be the key to the encounter. Healing through crit chains is very difficult depending on your tank type - dodge-based druids fare better than defense-based prot warriors.


Heroic mode
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Amanitar is no doubt named for the Amanita mushrooms, the genus that is responsible for approximately 95% of the fatalities resulting from mushroom poisoning, but also contains many edible species.


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