[59, 63]

is a camp of the Sentinel Spies in the southeastern Ghostlands. The elves are using moonstones and ley lines to spy on the activities of the Sin'dorei in Silvermoon, and are fair fodder for the level 10-20 adventurer.


An'owyn, along with An'telas and An'daroth, was a heavily-guarded, hidden location in Quel'Thalas which held a piece of mooncrystal for the Key of the Three Moons, that, when combined, produced a powerful key to bring down the second Moongate. During Arthas's mission to the Sunwell, to resurrect the rotting remains of Kel'Thuzad, a traitorous Quel'Thalas wizard named Dar'Khan Drathir provided Arthas with information about the Key of the Three Moons and their whereabouts.[1]


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