Ancient Orc Ancestors are ghosts of orcs that walk around Nagrand.

You can only see them after you complete the quest Vision of the Dead in the Levixus the Soul Caller quest chain. They are also used in another quest, a horde only quest, called What the Soul Sees.


Objective: Nitrin at the Abandoned Armory in Nagrand wants you to bring him:

1xInv misc birdbeck 01.png [Flawless Greater Windroc Beak]
1xInv misc eye 01.png [Mountain Gronn Eyeball]
1xInv misc food 51.png [Aged Clefthoof Blubber]

Objective: Locate a Soul Mirror somewhere in the Auchenai Crypts and use it to call forth a Darkened Spirit from Ancient Orc Ancestors in Nagrand. Destroy 15 Darkened Spirits so that the ancestors may rest in peace.

Return to Mother Kashur at the Ancestral Grounds when this task is complete.


"What will become of us when it falls?"

"Cannot control... It draws me in... The void grows..."

"I remember everything..."

"The spirits call... I am consumed."

"It is dying. It is dying. It is dying."

"The pain is unbearable."

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