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Annora <Enchanting Trainer> is a friendly level 54 human and is an artisan enchanting trainer. She lives most inconveniently in the Uldaman instance beyond a crowd of scorpids.

She only trains recipes up to skill 295, so no need to visit her again if you were at 295 or higher and took all the recipes. Annora will spawn when the scorpids in her room are dead. No other mobs in the zone must be dead.

Most players will want to train at the enchanting trainer in capital cities, as it is much easier then going into Uldaman.

See Uldaman NPCs.

Before you go
  • The level minimum is 35, before that level you cannot purchase artisan enchanting (or some other artisan professions).
  • Bring a mage, warlock, or paladin for the AoE spells in order to kill the multitudes of scorpids.
  • This table shows you the minimum and estimated total materials required to skill from 225 to 250 in one visit to Annora:
Component Minimum Amount Estimated Amount
Vision Dust 70 90
Dream Dust 10 20
Lesser Nether Essence 10 20
Greater Nether Essence 5 10
Runed Truesilver Rod 1 1

(Source: Enchanting Guide 1-300)

  • Once you reach the trainer talk to her to become artisan enchanter. Once you're artisan enchanter: enchant gloves with agility to get to 235, a chest item with superior health to get to 245 and a bracer with greater strength to get to 250. Once you have trained all the recipe's she can train you, you can leave the instance. Be sure to bring at least 15 gold to pay for the artisan training as well as all the spells you will learn.

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade notice that Annora now teaches enchants all the way to lvl 295. You will likely want to make two trips to the trainer, the first to train to level 255 or so, and the last to get the remaining formulas once you have attained enchanting level 295.

One possibly cheaper approach to skilling up with Annora is to use the following formulas:

Levels Formula Ingredient Quantity Source
226 - 235 Enchant Boots - Stamina Vision Dust 50 Trainer
236 - 240 Enchant Chest - Superior Health Vision Dust 30 Trainer
241 - 245 Enchant Gloves - Strength Lesser Nether Essence 10 Trainer
Vision Dust 30
246 - 250 Enchant Bracer - Greater Stamina Dream Dust 25 Drop
251 - 265 Enchant Bracer - Greater Stamina Dream Dust 75
266 - 285 Enchant Bracer - Greater Stamina Dream Dust 100+
286 - 295 Enchant Shield - Greater Stamina Dream Dust 100+ Vendor

This approach avoids the expensive Greater Nether Essence. Note that when the plus sign is used, the spell has turned from orange to yellow and the results are not as predictable. The Enchant Bracer - Greater Stamina formula sells at the Auction House for between 3 and 12g, but it is one of the most economical skillup formulas for higher levels and well worth the price. The Enchant Shield - Greater Stamina formula is available in limited quantity from a vendor in Undercity (Daniel Bartlett) and Darnassus (Mythrin'dir). It is Bind on Pickup, so you have to buy it yourself.

Historical Note

Prior to Patch 2.3, Annora was the only Artisan Enchanting Trainer in Azeroth, making her important and necessitating trips to Uldaman for all Enchanters. Since the patch most cities now have Artisan Enchanting Trainers so she is not as important.

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