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Anubisath Sentinel comes in packs of four. There are two packs of these before the first boss, The Prophet Skeram. The sentinels are the first type of Anubisath the raid will encounter in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj.


Anubisath Sentinels have a normal attack that hits for 600 - 800 damage and one random ability. The abilities are:

  • Mending aka Renew - Healing for 4752 every 3 seconds. Use Mortal Strike
  • Mortal Strike - ~3200 damage to the target.
  • Periodic Knock Away aka Knockback - Periodically knock enemies away, reducing their hate. Immune to taunt.
  • Periodic Mana Burn - Periodically casts mana burn.
  • Periodic Shadow Storm - Periodically casts Shadow Storm. Targets all players outside of melee range and up to some distance >40 yards.
  • Reflect Arcane and Fire
  • Reflect Shadow and Frost
  • Thorns - Causes 475 to 525 Nature damage to attackers. Resistible
  • Thunderclap - ~800 Nature damage, no debuff, resistible.

When any one sentinel dies, the remaining sentinels gain the ability of the fallen sentinel and are healed for 50% of their max health. This means the last sentinel will have 4 abilities.


You must prioritize which abilities will be the worst to have on more than one of the sentinels.

  • Typically any of them that AoE are ones you don't want to kill early.

First priority on killing should be either knockback or ones that heal. Mortal strike is pretty mana intensive to heal through on multiple tanks, but in the case of multiple AoE sentinels, this should be killed earlier rather than later. The shadowbolt volley is avoidable if you stand in melee range, so as long as you don't have a mana burn or thunderclap stacked with it, it is easy to deal with if you spread out the mobs so you are either in melee or out of range of the volley. Thunderclap is not difficult if you spread out the sentinels, but if they become stacked on top of each other, it is a raid wiper.



The pack of Anubisath Sentinels will respawn 30 minutes after the last one of the pack was killed.

Patches and hotfixes

World of Warcraft Patch 1.9.0 (03-Jan-2006): Added

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