Apothecary Zamah is a level 22 quest giver located in the Pools of Vision in the tauren city of Thunder Bluff. She is affiliated with the Royal Apothecary Society. She was sent to Thunder Bluff to collect Serpentbloom from the Wailing Caverns. She seems unusually compassionate for a Forsaken.

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She still appears to have feelings towards others, unlike other undead, evidenced by what she says when you finish the quest Forsaken Aid:

"Magatha sent word of your coming, <name>. Although my heart beats no longer, I still feel sorrow for the spirits of Stonetalon."


Reading the provided letter [Zamah's Note] from the quest Journey to Tarren Mill, you learn her first name begins with the letter "P". However, you never find out what her first name actually is.

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