The Arathi Highlands Farm

An unnamed dwarven farm on the Arathi Highlands coast is a small farm on the far east coast of Arathi Highlands. Coordinates are

[92, 70]

. The area holds two farm fields, a small farmhouse and a stable. There is also a dock near the water.

Two Dwarven Farmers live on the farm. One patrols the road leading up to the farm. The other one is inside the house, sleeping. Many critters roam around on the farm. Rats hide in the acre, or in the stable. The cats, which there are many of, only sit and watch the rats. There are two rams in the stable as well.

Getting there

Swim south from the Overlook Cliffs, past Revantusk Village, and continue until you see a patch of land. Alternatively, you could swim from Wetlands, starting at the Thandol Span and swim northeast until you reach the farm.