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Tempest Keep
The Mechanar (5)

Gatewatcher Gyro-Kill
Gatewatcher Iron-Hand
Mechano-Lord Capacitus
Nethermancer Sepethrea
Pathaleon the Calculator

The Botanica (5)

Commander Sarannis
High Botanist Freywinn
Thorngrin the Tender
Warp Splinter

The Arcatraz (5)

Zereketh the Unbound
Wrath-Scryer Soccothrates
Dalliah the Doomsayer
Harbinger Skyriss

The Eye (25)

Void Reaver
High Astromancer Solarian
Kael'thas Sunstrider

The Arcatraz bosses

The Arcatraz

The Arcatraz is the third wing of the Tempest Keep instance and is a prison where the Naaru jailed the most terrifying and dangerous creatures they encountered on their journeys. Among the inmates of the Arcatraz are agents of the black dragonflight, demons of the Burning Legion, and even servants of the mighty Old Gods. When Kael'thas and his followers took the Keep, he sent a warden and guards to the Arcatraz. Kael's blood elves, however, were corruptible and the prisoners have begun to break free...

Access into the Arcatraz is obtained through one of these methods:

Note: Only one member of your group needs the key. However, unlike other locked instances, the door cannot be opened from the inside, and leaving the instance (either by walking out, logging out, or dying and releasing) will require the door to be unlocked again in order for you to reenter.

As with the other Tempest Keep instances, every member of the group needs a flying mount (or flying form, if a druid) to reach the instance entrance. If you cannot fly you may be summoned by a Warlock instead; the minimum level to enter the instance is 65.

One full run yields about 1800, and one full heroic run yields about 2500 reputation with the Sha'tar.

Note that entry to the heroic version of the Arcatraz, Mechanar, or Botanica requires the Warpforged Key.

The Arcatraz is probably one of the only areas in the game with man'ari eredar trash mobs.

In name and function, the Arcatraz is a reference to Alcatraz, the island prison near San Francisco, California.

Dungeon Denizens


Bosses Monsters
Butcher's Stand
Stasis Block: Trion
Stasis Block: Maximus
Containment Core


Trash Mobs


Mob Abilities Heroic
Arcatraz Sentinel Immune to taunt, and occasionally resets aggro. At low health (about 5%) they glow blue then explode for 4k - 5k damage. Does ~1k arcane charge aoe damage after they're dead, until the blue glow disappears. Can be freeze trapped by a hunter. Does the arcane charge throughout the fight, not just after destruction
Death Watcher At about 50% health, casts Mark of Death on anyone in line of sight. If the Death Watcher is still alive when the debuff wears off then everyone that had it takes 5000 - 5500 shadow damage. The Death Watcher can also cast Drain Life on someone to restore 5k health. Drain Life is considered a magic effect and is dispellable from the tank. Mark of Death now causes 10k - 11k damage when it wears off.
Entropic Eye Ability warrior cleave.png Uses a cone attack called Tentacle Cleave every 6 seconds and casts
Spell shadow unstableaffliction 3.png  Chaos Breath, a cloud that does no damage but afflicts the party with the following random debuffs:
  • Spell shadow antishadow.png  Shrink: Reduces both strength and stamina by 74 (Curse)
  • Spell shadow chilltouch.png  Piercing Shadow: Reduces shadow resistance by 100 (Curse)
  • Spell nature polymorph.png  Polymorph (Magic)
  • Spell shadow animatedead.png  Wavering Will: Increases time between attacks by 25% and casting time as well as movement speed by 20% (Magic)
  • Ability creature poison 03.png  Necrotic Poison: Reduces healing effects on the target by 45% (Poison)
  • Spell nature nullifydisease.png  Fevered Fatigue: Reduces both intellect and spirit by 43 (Disease)
Eredar Deathbringer
  • Spell shadow unholystrength.png  Unholy Aura: An aura dealing 450 shadow damage up to 40 yards.
  • Spell holy consumemagic.png  Diminish Soul: Puts on a stackable (up to 10 times) debuff that increases damage taken by 150.
Unholy Aura does 750 damage.
Eredar Soul-Eater
  • Spell shadow unsummonbuilding.png  Entropic Aura: Slows casting speed and attack speed. Also casts:
  • Spell shadow shadowandflame.png  Soul Steal: Decreases the targets stats and damage by 45% and increases the Soul-Eater's stats by 45%. The buff can be spellstolen by a mage.
  • Spell frost frostnova.png  Soul Chill: Movement speed slowed by 50%. (Magic)
  • Spell frost frostnova.png  Frost Nova (Magic)
Ethereum Life-Binder Similar to a priest; can be mind controlled. Casts:
  • Spell shadow shadowwordpain.png  Shadow Word: Pain (Magic)
  • Spell nature slow.png  Shackle/Bind: Immobilizes a target. (Magic)
  • Spell shadow shadowmend.png  Shadow Mend: Heals caster for 10k health.
Immune to mind control, but can be seduced or sheeped. Kill first or CC.
Ethereum Slayer Basic melee class. Occasionally uses
  • Ability poisonsting.png  Impairing Poison, slowing attack and casting speed as well as movement speed. Can be cleansed.
Immune to mind control.
Ethereum Wave-Caster Casts:
  • Spell nature polymorph.png  Polymorph (Magic)
  • Spell nature purge.png  Sonic Boom: Does high arcane damage and silences target.
  • Spell arcane portalironforge.png  Arcane Haste: A self-buff that increases casting speed by 50%; useful by mages who can spellsteal.
Immune to mind control.
Gargantuan Abyssal Immune to banish and enslave.
  • Spell fire immolation.png  Fire Shield, an aura causing fire damage to all melee attackers.
  • Spell fire fireball02.png  Meteor, which does 10k damage in a spot radius, divided between everyone it hits. The strategy is to stack everyone on the tank thus splitting the total damage caused by the meteor.
Meteor does 20k total instead of 10k, which can be significant even when split five ways.
Negaton Screamer Absorbs the first spell from a school of magic (arcane, fire, frost, holy, nature or shadow) that hits the Screamer and applies a shield absorbing 75% of all damage from that school:
  • Spell arcane arcane04.png   Damage Reduction: Arcane
  • Spell fire sealoffire.png   Damage Reduction: Fire
  • Spell frost frozencore.png   Damage Reduction: Frost
  • Spell holy holybolt.png   Damage Reduction: Holy
  • Spell nature elementalshields.png   Damage Reduction: Nature
  • Spell shadow antishadow.png   Damage Reduction: Shadow

The absorbed school of magic is converted into an offensive bolt of energy based on spell school absorbed:

  • Spell arcane starfire.png   Arcane Volley
  • Spell fire flamebolt.png   Fireball Volley
  • Spell frost frostbolt02.png   Frostbolt Volley
  • Spell holy holybolt.png   Holy Bolt Volley
  • Spell nature lightning.png   Lightning Bolt Volley
  • Spell shadow shadowbolt.png   Shadow Bolt Volley

The spell school-absorbing shield is dropped as soon as the volley has been cast. Also casts

  • Spell shadow psychicscream.png   Psychic Scream, fears everyone within an 8 yard radius.
Negaton Warp-Master Occasionally places a
  • Spell shadow antishadow.png  Negaton Field: A violet, glowing pillar of energy, that the Warp-Master summons beneath himself, which heals him and increases his damage caused by 250, stacking up to 10 times. It's important to kite the Warp-Master away from the Field as soon as he places them. Otherwise, it's a simple tank and spank fight.
Protean Nightmare
  • Ability gouge.png   Gaping Maw: A bleeding effect dealing 570 to 630 physical damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds.
  • Spell nature corrosivebreath.png   Infectious Poison: Deals 510 to 690 nature damage instantly.

Also casts:

  • Spell nature corrosivebreath.png   Incubation on a party member at random. After 10 seconds, that person gets affected with
Spell shadow corpseexplode.png   Emergence, knocking the target backwards, dealing 1317 to 1383 nature damage, and spawns two Protean Spawns from the host.
Gaping Maw causes 1140 to 1260 damage every 3 seconds.
Infectious Poison deals 1020 to 1380 damage.
Protean Spawn Non-elite mobs spawned from blood elf corpses, or by a person with Incubation on them from a Protean Nightmare. They spawn in pairs. Uses:
  • Ability creature poison 01.png   Acidic Bite: An instant nature damage attack that also reduces the afflicted player's armor by 675. This ability stacks up to 5 times.
Sargeron Hellcaller Immune to all forms of crowd control. Casts:
  • Spell shadow rainoffire.png   Rain of Fire: An instant cast channeled AoE spell dealing high fire damage.
  • Spell fire flameblades.png   Incinerate: Instantly deals 1388 to 1612 fire damage.
  • Spell shadow chilltouch.png   Curse of Elements: Reduces the afflicted target's resistances to frost and fire damage by 90 and increases the damage taken from frost and fire spells by 25%.
Incinerate does 4300 to 7300 damage.
Sargeron Archer Uses a hooked net to immobilize a party member, usually the tank. Uses scattershot on a random party member, disorienting them for a few seconds. Shots can do fire or frost damage. Immune to freezing trap, banish, fear, enslave demon, and most stuns.
Soul Devourer Has a Fel Breath cone attack. Summons non-elite Sightless Eyes which do shadow damage and cast Sightless Touch, reducing movement speed by 40% and attack/cast speed by 50%.
Spiteful Temptress Immune to taunt. Casts Shadow Bolt, which also deals splash damage around the target. Occasionally mind controls one person in the party, and can place a temporary debuff on a random person that increases their threat by 500%.
Skulking Witch Invisible mob found in the room with Wrath-Scryer Soccothrates and Dalliah the Doomsayer. Has an AoE Gouge and casts Lash of Pain.
Unbound Devastator Uses Deafening Roar, which is an AoE shout that deals 1100 - 1610 shadow damage, disarms, and temporarily prevents spell casting. Immune to enslave and banish. Deafening Roar causes 2k - 2.5k damage and silences.
Unchained Doombringer Uses War Stomp, stunning everyone in melee, and Sunder Armor, reducing the armor of the tank. Randomly charges a party member in line of sight for 2k melee + 7k hit damage. Charges player furthest away from him. Charge does 8k - 10k damage.


See Arcatraz loot.


  • Seer Udalo can be found in the room before the last boss, a dead Broken on the pavement. Akama in the Warden's Cage in Shadowmoon Valley gives a quest to speak with Udalo. In order to get the quest from Akama, you must first complete a chain with your respective faction(Aldor or Scryer). For both factions, the first quest is "Tablets of Baa'ri."
  • The Second and Third Fragments
  • Harbinger of Doom To kill the final boss, Harbinger Skyriss. Acquired after getting the Key to the Arcatraz (see steps below).
  • Trial of the Naaru: Tenacity To save Millhouse Manaforge on Heroic difficulty. This is one of the initial three trials to earn access to The Eye in Tempest Keep. (This quest chain is no longer necessary to enter The Eye)

Key to the Arcatraz

Only one party member needs to have the key, though rogues with maximum lockpicking can get in (as can their party) without it. The key is the end result of a long series of quests that begins with Assisting the Consortium, given by Spymaster Thalodien (if you're Scryer) or Exarch Orelis (if you're Aldor) in Area 52. Assisting the Consortium is an optional quest for both factions; you can also pick up Consortium Crystal Collection directly from Khay'ji.

Optional first step:

Nether-Stalker Khay’ji at Area 52:

Gahruj at Eco-Dome Midrealm:

A’dal at Shattrath City:

  • Step 11: N [70] Special Delivery to Shattrath City - This step gives a very nice 2-hour buff when you hand it in.
  • Step 12: N [70] How to Break Into the Arcatraz (Group) - This step requires you to clear The Mechanar and Botanica, since the needed quest items drop from the end bosses. This of course means that you will need a flying mount (or be a level 68 druid) to complete the quest chain.

The Arcatraz key is part of the reward for How to Break Into the Arcatraz, however the quest chain continues with one more quest, which sends you into the Arcatraz itself to kill the final boss:


The Arcatraz Heroic - Full Clear by Peachs the Druid

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