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Archavon's Log can be found in the Wintergrasp Fortress in Wintergrasp.

[50, 13]

It contains Archavon the Stone Watcher's logs since he was created.

As of patch 3.3.0, the contents of Archavon's Log changed to reflect the apparition of the three new bosses.


Archavon's Log

<It appears Archavon has been keeping a journal. It appears to be written in multiple languages. A tally has been kept on the cover.>


Keep Defended: <number>
Keep Captured: <number>


Keep Defended: <number>
Keep Captured: <number>

Day 10 The Makers are gone. I have been left to watch.


Day 10500: The Halls are quiet. Empty.

I thought the Makers want me to watch the Hall, but they never specifically said, Archavon, Watch the hall... Maybe it's okay if I watch the outside too? It would probably be less boring outside. It's decided- I am now responsible for watching the Hall AND the outside. I shall take on my new responsibility next month.


Day 20120: The outside is much more open than the Hall. There are convenient cliffs and mountains bordering it. I'm now confident that the Makers meant for me to watch this too. I hope they don't notice that I've only been in the Hall for the first decade.


Day 1051213: I invented a new game today too. It's called "Kick the Revenant". I made it from the front of the keep to the main road today. Before next year, I'm going to try to land it over the river.


Day 2145617: Some little green people came today. I have added them to my watching responsibilities.


Day 2145657: The little green people have built extra buildings here now. More buildings seem good. I think I will speak to them this week and thank them.


Day 214566: I thanked one of the little green people today for the extra buildings. He told me that he'd be bringing more people for me to watch soon- lots of them.

I'm excited to have more things to watch.


Day 214586: The little green people brought a lot of others, pointed them at each other, and then they all started fighting!

I have trimmed my watching responsibilities back to the Hall for safety, but I brought a lot of their baubles with me so that it can maybe be less boring this time.


Day 214620: Things have gotten much worse. I am not sure what the Makers want me to do. I'm trying to stay in my hall, but the violent people come in after me several times a day. They take my baubles.


Day 214701: My brothers are back! It turns out they were sleeping in other closed off halls.

I'm a little mad that they left me alone to do all the watching, but I shared my shinier baubles with them anyway because I'm tired of being alone and attacked all the time.


Day 214760: The violent little people have started attacking my brothers, which is sad. They leave me alone mostly now though, which is not sad.

I think they want the shiny baubles I gave away. I feel guilty.


Compared to the pre-3.3 text, this is a great deal of ambiguity as to when things happened. Between day 10 and 10500 is ~29 years in a 365 day year, but Archavon calls that span a decade in date 20120. Additionally, the last three dates appear to be missing their least significant digit.

Assuming one year is ~365 days, this is a rough breakdown of when events took place:

  • 10 -> 5884 y.a.
  • 10500 -> 5855 y.a.
  • 20120 -> 5829 y.a.
  • 1051213 > 3004 y.a.
  • 2145617 > 583 days ago
  • 2145657 > 1943 days ago
  • 214566? > 1940 days ago
  • 214586? > 1740 days ago
  • 214620? > 1400 days ago
  • 214701? > 590 days ago
  • 214760? > today

Pre-3.3 contents

Archavon's Log

Day 3613785:

Archavon stop journal. Instead, watch puny little men fight. When they finish, Archavon wake up and see who touch orb fastest. Winners so far:


Keep Defended: <number>
Keep Captured: <number>


Keep Defended: <number>
Keep Captured: <number>

Day 3613760:

At night, Archavon sneak out and collect the armor they leave behind. Archavon try to fix. Tough to do.

Day 3613725:

The little people come to Wintergrasp from across the ocean. Fight many times everyday. Archavon watch.

Day 2145617:

Large quakes outside. Little people seem to be busy. Archavon stay in home.

Day 1051213:

Archavon wake up, notice face feel soft. Not important. Go back to sleep.

Day 900500:

Been very boring outside. Archavon go to sleep. Some noises outside. It get cold.

Day 10500:

Archavon think journal boring. Take break.

Day 10:

The Makers Left. Archavon left here to watch.

Assuming that a year is ~365 days long, the following could have taken place:
  • According to his log, "Day 1" would have been around 9,900 years before "Day 3,613,785". This is around the time of the Great Sundering.
  • Around 9,872 years ago, he took a break.
  • Around 7,443 years ago, he heard some "noises" outside. The noises and it getting cold could mean this is when the Great Sundering happened and Northrend moved north.
  • Around 7,020 years ago, he felt the effects of the Curse of Flesh.
  • Around 4,022 years ago, he felt large quakes outside.
  • Around 2 months ago, battles began around Wintergrasp between the Horde and Alliance.
  • Around 1 month ago, he started to collect armor scraps on the battlefield.
  • Today, he stopped his journal and instead starts counting the win/loss of each faction.

Patch changes

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Patch 3.3.0 (08-Dec-2009): Contents updated.
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Patch 3.1.0 (14-Apr-2009): Added.

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