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Arden was the Captain of the Guard of Mardenholde Keep and one of the closest friends of governor Tirion Fordring of the principality of Hearthglen. However, when Tirion fell from grace as a result of trying to save the orc Eitrigg's life, Arden sought to convince his old friend to renounce his allegiance to the orc and place his responsibility to his family and his subjects over the paladin's code of honour.

After Tirion's trial, when the jury of Daelin Proudmoore, Archmage Antonidas, Archbishop Alonsus Faol and Prince Arthas Menethil sentenced him to exile, Arden escorted his former governor to Mardenholde Keep, where he was placed under house arrest pending his exile. However, Tirion's message of placing honour above everything resonated deeply with Arden - and, in the end, he came to understand why Tirion made the choices he did. When Tirion attempted to escape from Mardenholde Keep to save Eitrigg from execution, Arden confronted him in the stable yard; however, instead of stopping Tirion, he let his old master flee.

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