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Argent Officer Pureheart is a level 60 human quest giver located at Chillwind Camp in the contested territory of the Western Plaguelands.

She starts the following quests:

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During The Journey.

She became the leader of Chillwind Camp and sent Gregor Greystone to recruit other members, including the Steamwheedle Cartel.[2] During the time of The Burning Crusade she joined forces with Maddox to retake Andorhal, they expected hundreds of soldiers but received just a one hundred of them.[1]

Pureheart was completely against invading Andorhal with such a small force, but was convinced by Maddox saying that Halsand knew very well the region and they would defeat the Scourge with a good tactic. The army was divided in two, while it's not shown what happened to Pureheart's part of the army, it is speculated by Arif that they were killed by various abominations.[1]


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