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Warcraft RPG - may not be canon This article concerns content exclusive to Warcraft RPG and thus unlikely to be canon.

Assassins are employed by many races and factions in Azeroth, including Ravenholdt, Galak clan centaurs, undead, Wastewander nomads, etc.[1]

Orc assassin

Even more skilled in the art of death, assassins are those few who have gone on to perfect the arts of murder to an incredibly fine degree. So deadly are the cold-hearted killers that they are beyond the ideas of allegiance and devotion to anything more than the next challenging kill.

Assassins come from any races and most are independent. They kill people for no other reason than to gain profit through contract killings.[1]

Assassins in the games

Warcraft III Beta assassin

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Horde assassin is a class in the D&D WRPG, and assassin was a class in the WoW RPG. It was also a scrapped night elf unit in the Warcraft III Beta. Its model was recycled for the warden hero unit and it is a playable unit in WarChasers. Assassins are also a neutral creep that throws poisoned spears and typically hang around other "bandits" (i.e., Bandit Lord) units in Warcraft III. The orc assassin artwork pictured above was featured in the Art of World of Warcraft and listed as "Assassin", suggesting that assassins were once a planned class or hero class for the game. Assassins from various factions can be seen throughout the World of Warcraft.

In Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm This section concerns content exclusive to Heroes of the Storm.

An "Assassin" is a class of character in the game Heroes of the Storm .


Assassin item

Savory Deviate Delight will temporarily transform your character into an "Assassin" ("Ninja") or "Pirate".