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Mana-Tombs (5)

Boss Pandemonius
Boss Tavarok
Boss Yor (heroic)
Boss Nexus-Prince Shaffar

Auchenai Crypts (5)

Boss Shirrak the Dead Watcher
Boss Exarch Maladaar

Sethekk Halls (5)

Boss Darkweaver Syth
Boss Anzu (heroic, summoned)
Boss Talon King Ikiss

Shadow Labyrinth (5)

Boss Ambassador Hellmaw
Boss Blackheart the Inciter
Boss Grandmaster Vorpil
Boss Murmur

Auchenai Crypts bosses

Auchenai Crypts entrance

Auchenai Crypts is a wing of the Auchindoun instance. Its entrance can be found to the west of the Ring of Observance.

Killing the mobs in Auchenai Crypts yields reputation gains for Lower City through honored; once you are past honored, you can gain rep by doing this instance in heroic mode through exalted.

The mobs in the Auchenai Crypts are mostly humanoid, undead draenei and skeletons. An average pull will consist of two or three draenei, with two to four undead non-elites joining the fight. There are many wandering non-elite undead in this instance, which in many cases can be avoided.


Pulls in the Crypts present a unique challenge for a few reasons.

  • All humanoid elite draenei will spawn a random non-elite ghost draenei when aggroed, even if the elite has been crowd controlled. Note that Mind Controlling these draenei as a first strike won't spawn a ghost until the mind control is broken.
  • There is a special type of patrol in here that is impossible to track. Phasing Clerics, Soldiers, Sorcerers and Stalkers will occasionally spawn at point a, walk to point b and despawn, only to respawn at point a in the near future. They are now neutral and will not attack unless aggroed first.
  • The bridge prior to the Dead Watcher is full of danger. There are the Raging Souls; invisible pathing ghosts which will approach the party, show themselves, and begin casting an AoE knockback spell. The knockback does no damage on its own, but the walls at the edges of the bridge are frighteningly short. Likewise the Auchenai Monks have a quick whirlwind attack with a small knockback component. While doing anything on the bridge, make sure everybody watches their step.

Dungeon Denizens


Bosses Monsters
  • Halls of the Hereafter
  • Chamber of the Restless

Trash Mobs

Elite draenei

Mob Special Note Heroic Mode
Auchenai Monk Immune to crowd control. Casts Cyclone Strike (nature damage spell that strikes for weapon damage plus extra and a knockback) (mostly just an annoyance for spellcasters except on the bridge. This will break Mind Control, so pull Monks away from your Priest if you go that route.)
Auchenai Soulpriest casts Shadow Bolt (with stacking +shadow damage debuff, undispellable, ~10sec duration), "Falter", a melee range immobilizing effect, and a Touch of the Forgotten (reduces Healing effects). If you can interrupt/silence them, they deal very little melee damage. Can (and should) be sheeped.
Auchenai Vindicator Melee fighter with some burst damage capabilities. Has a direct damage Shadow Shock spell which deals about 1500 damage, and a Shadowguard buff, which deals about 500 shadow damage to attackers 3 times before expiring. Warning: he can easily one-shot your tank if a soulpriest stacked her +shadow damage debuff.
Auchenai Necromancer uses Shadow Mend (AoE spell that heals for 1000-1500 damage), Drain Soul (channeled spell, deals 3500 over 5 sec) and Seed of Corruption (3000 aoe shadow damage). Doesn't melee hard, can be Mind Controlled for aoe abilities.

Non-elite, spawned ghosts

A random one spawns a few seconds after a Monk/Vindicator/Soulpriest enters combat; all Undead.

Mob Special Note Heroic Mode
Phantasmal Possessor Very squishy, but they cast a 5 sec channel spell called Possess (possess the target for 1 min). Immune to stun, CC and counterspell. Burn it down. The MC is channeled and takes about five seconds to cast but can be broken with Cloak of Shadows; the target is immobilized while the spell is being channeled. The MC breaks after 1 minute or if the target drops under 50% of their max HP. A minute is an eternity during a mob engagement. Often the MT will get MCed and there is no way the group will survive a minute. The possessor should never be allowed to live long enough to MC in the first place but if it does happen focus fire on the MCed character down to 50% to break the MC. Not burning this mob down can easily result in a wipe.
Unliving Cleric Healer with Renew and a Heal. Should be shackled or killed and interrupted. Can be shackled.
Unliving Soldier Protection-type Warrior with Protection Aura (plus 2000 armor). Can Shield Bash. Can be shackled.
Unliving Sorcerer Mage. Uses Frostbolt, Fireball and Blast Wave. Interrupt their fireballs preferably to lock down their fire school in order to prevent Blastwaves. Can be shackled.
Unliving Stalker Hunter. Shoots Viper Sting (drains mana) and Scorpid Sting (nature DoT). Good target for shackle as they usually stay ranged. Can be shackled.

Non-elite, pathing ghosts

All Undead and Neutral

Mob Special Note Heroic Mode
Phasing Cleric essentially the same as an Unliving Cleric.
Phasing Soldier essentially the same as an Unliving Soldier.
Phasing Sorcerer essentially the same as an Unliving Sorcerer.
Phasing Stalker essentially the same as an Unliving Stalker.


Mob Special Note Heroic Mode
Raging Soul No damage, just a knockback, which can throw you off of the bridge to your certain death. Invisible. Counter with Flare, Detect Invisibility, or a lucky ranged AoE (such as blizzard). These spawn randomly on the bridge while you fight the other mobs and try to make it across. They can be killed before they 'explode', but it doesn't really seem worth it.
Angered Skeleton Enrages every now and then, increasing its damage output.
Raging Skeleton Periodically clears its aggro table.
Auchenai Necromancer Surrounded by MANY non-elite skeletons (Reanimated Bones, ~5K HP on heroic, very weak individually), which he can heal. Casts Drain Soul (high-damage DoT that also heals the Necromancer; dispellable) and Seed Of Corruption (medium-damage DoT; if it goes through its full duration it deals heavy Shadow damage to everyone near the target, also dispellable). There are also several pulls of just large groups of non-elite skeletons with no Necromancer.


  • Shirrak the Dead Watcher - Shirrak is a large, tentacled floating head that has an aura that increases spellcasting time by 50% at long ranges, increasing by 50% increments to a 200% increase at short range. He also places beacons under random players that explode for substantial damage.
  • Exarch Maladaar - Maladaar periodically summons a "dark side" shadow of random player characters, who lose 50% of their damage and healing while the shadow persists. He also summons an avatar of himself at about 25% health.

See the individual boss pages for more detailed information and strategies.


See Auchenai Crypts loot.




World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Patch 2.1.0 (22-May-2007): Creatures here will no longer occasionally drop aquatic-oriented items, Fish Scales, etc.
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Patch 2.1.3 (2007-07-10):  This bug appears to be back; a few of the mobs still drop Fish Scales, Fish Oil, etc.

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