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Avatar of Hakkar is a level 48 elite skeletal wind serpent summoned in the Temple of Atal'Hakkar. The Avatar can be summoned in the Sanctum of the Fallen God using either an Inv egg 03.png [Egg of Hakkar] or Inv scroll 02.png [Yeh'kinya's Scroll].

The Avatar of Hakkar is the mortal presence of the god Hakkar the Soulflayer. Its spirit still haunts the Temple of Atal'Hakkar, waiting for the right time to regain its power.

Legend state that there is an egg that is the only item that can contain the essence of Hakkar and prevent him from rising again. The stories say that the location of the egg is somewhere near the Hinterlands.


Taking down the Avatar of Hakkar is deceptively easy, although the event looks complicated. Someone with the egg or scroll must start the event; then the entire group should huddle up in the corner by one of the Eternal Flames.

There will be an elite Hakkari Bloodkeeper that spawns between each Eternal Flame you put out; killing that Bloodkeeper will drop Hakkari Blood for someone to loot. Meanwhile non-elite serpents will also spawn and meander around the central circle where the Avatar of Hakkar is waiting to be freed. They will not attack unless aggroed, or the Bloodkeeper is near them when pulled. It's critical to stay in the corners, so you only have to fight the elite mobs, and the occasional serpent that aggros with it. As you put out each flame, run along the walls to the next flame. Periodically an elite dragonspawn will path in, and begin casting something on Hakkar. Pull them over to the group just like the Bloodkeepers, though nothing will assist them.

Your group can take their time like this, putting out each flame and resting/drinking as needed. Once there is only one flame left to put out and you have the last Hakkari Blood, then kill any remaining elites and spawn the Avatar of Hakkar. The serpents beneath him will aggro, but a quick burst of any form of Area Effect damage should quickly kill them. Then all that's left to do is kill the Avatar, who actually looks much deadlier than he is. He will Mind Control someone in the group periodically, but the duration is short, and he really doesn't have much health. Once he dies, those with the quest can collect his essence!


Once you have completed the quest, speak to Yeh'kinya again. You will be given [Yeh'kinya's Scroll], which will allow you to re-summon the Avatar, and start the event again, even if no-one in your party has the [Egg of Hakkar].

Tips and Advice

  • Many groups will turn on free loot to make it easier to gather the blood and extinguish the torches. Make sure you turn group loot back on before killing the boss or you may accidentally ninja loot without thinking.


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