Azure Watch, a small settlement nearby the Exodar

Azure Watch is a settlement situated on Azuremyst Isle. It houses various NPCs including vendors and class trainers.

Azure Watch serves as an intermediary town between the draenei starting area of Ammen Vale and the Exodar — the capital of the draenei. It hosts level 5-10 quests, class and craft trainers, and a forge.


Of particular lore, there is a night elf being cared for by the first aid trainer who wakes up screaming that she was surrounded by eredar and passes out again followed by the trainer's bafflement — stating that the draenei are in fact not eredar. This leads to a quest to demonstrate to the other night elves that the draenei are not demons but friends. The night elf will eventually realize this when you complete the quest The Unwritten Prophecy.






Flight Paths

Alliance Exodar, Azuremyst Isle



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