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Azuremyst Isle is one of the two main islands that make up the Azuremyst Isles. It is the island least affected by the crystalline shards. Remaining mostly untouched by sapient races until recently, the land has changed a great deal due to the recent crash by a draenei inter-dimensional generation ship. Powerful and ominous crystals dot the lands, and energy storms ripple through the sky. The draenei capital city, The Exodar, is built around their crashed ship in the western part of Azuremyst Isle.

Evidence that parts of the crashed ship are tainting and mutating the natural flora and fauna of the island has become apparent. The draenei are working to halt and, if possible, reverse these mutations as soon as possible to restore the natural beauty and health of the island.

Azuremyst Isle, one of WoW's starting zones, sees the least amount of PvP action (along with Teldrassil) due to the fact that the only way for Horde players to get to Azuremyst Isle itself is via ship from Rut'theran Village on mainland Teldrassil. Other starting zones are directly accessible by the opposing faction without such hazards.

(Note: Requires The Burning Crusade expansion)


Very little history is known of Azuremyst Isle and the surrounding islands. Not visited often by the night elves and tauren of Kalimdor due to their out-of-the-way location, the isles' indigenous creatures have been left to their own devices over the centuries. This is also the reason why the other races have not yet noticed the crashed dimensional ship that lies scattered across the islands, now used by the surviving draenei as a set of bases and outposts.

Some civilization did exist on the island before the draenei arrived. On the southern Silvermyst Isle, a dock and house of night elf architecture marks the dwelling of a family of night elves who made their home here. In addition, a clan of furbolgs live in the central island. Due to being so far removed from their cousins in Kalimdor, these furbolgs have remained uncorrupted, though they have recently been driven out of their ancestral holdings.

Additionally, ancient night elven ruins predating the Sundering are found scattered about both Azuremyst and Bloodmyst, all of them now inhabited by vile naga. The night elves have mostly abandoned these islands in favor of mainland Kalimdor.


Arcane storms strike this peaceful area outside the coast of Kalimdor. Evergreens and purple flowers cover the land. The island itself is divided into two parts by a river running north-south, the eastern and slightly smaller region dubbed Ammen Vale, as it is sheltered by hills on all sides. To the south lies Silvermyst Isle, close enough to reach by swimming without difficulty, and small enough to be considered part of the main island.

Azuremyst Isle contains no dungeons, raid dungeons, micro dungeons, or battlegrounds. It is the starting area for the draenei and contains a very sheltered 1-5 leveling area, Ammen Vale. The draenei city, the Exodar, can also be found in this zone with a flight path to Bloodmyst Isle. The only access to the mainland is by boat to Auberdine.


Getting There


Prior to the Cataclysm, the only way to reach the mainland of Kalimdor from the islands was by boat, which made Azuremyst a seldom-visited area. The boat from the dock near the Exodar sails to Rut'theran Village in Teldrassil.

For Horde to get to Azuremyst Isle, fly to Rut'theran Village from Darkshore and sit on the mast of Alliance ship to avoid aggro.

Flight Master locations

Alliance Azure Watch World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
Alliance Exodar

Boat locations

Alliance Valaar's Berth (to Rut'theran Village, Teldrassil)

Adjacent regions

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Alliance Access Horde Access
Bloodmyst Isle Alliance 10-20 North Swimming or walking; MiniIcon FlightMaster.png from Exodar to Blood Watch Swimming or walking
Darkshore Alliance 10-20 East MiniIcon FlightMaster.png only via Rut'theran Village by boat at Valaar's Berth By boat at Valaar's Berth to Rut'theran Village, then flying mount or swim with health and speed potions
Teldrassil Alliance 1-10 Northeast MiniIcon FlightMaster.png from Exodar to Rut'theran Village; Boat from Valaar's Berth to Rut'theran Village Boat from Valaar's Berth to Rut'theran Village


Classification Type
Beast Crabs
Elemental Air elementals
Earth elementals
Fire elementals
Water elementals
Humanoid Blood elves
Other Fleshbeasts


Trade mining.png
Trade herbalism.png
Inv misc pelt wolf 01.png
Source Item Skill Level
Herbalism Inv misc flower 02.png [Peacebloom] 1
Inv misc herb 10.png [Silverleaf] 1
Inv misc herb 07.png [Earthroot] 15
Mining Inv ore copper 01.png [Copper Ore] from Copper Veins 1
Source Item
Cloth (Drop) Inv fabric linen 01.png [Linen Cloth]
Skinning Inv misc pelt bear ruin 05.png [Ruined Leather Scraps]
Inv misc leatherscrap 03.png [Light Leather]
Inv misc pelt wolf ruin 02.png [Light Hide]

Notable characters

Main article: Azuremyst Isle NPCs

Azuremyst Isle is the new home of several notable people, and not all of them draenei. At the Crash Site in Ammen Vale, Vindicator Aldar and Technician Zhanaa work tirelessly to keep in contact with the rest of the scattered draenei across the island. At Azure Watch, Exarch Menelaous watches over the people of the village. Admiral Odesyus, recently forced to land on the southern coast of the island, does his best to root out the traitors in his crew and help his new-found allies, the draenei. And High Chief Stillpine seeks aid from the newly arrived draenei to take back Stillpine Hold.


Quest point.png
Main article: Azuremyst Isle quests
See also: Azuremyst Isle questing guide

The quests of Azuremyst Isle range from the early level 1-5 quests of Ammen Vale to the level 5-10 quests of the main isle. Many players have found the quests of the draenei starting area to be extremely enjoyable and interesting, compared to the pre-Burning Crusade quests. Quests of note include the The Prophecy of Akida quest chain quest chain, in which draenei learn the language of the furbolgs and get to travel in interesting ways between furbolg totems - including flying, swimming, and running in a transformed panther shape; a quest chain involving Admiral Odesyus as he hunts down the traitor in his crew; and quests given by the furbolgs of Stillpine Hold.

Many of the 1-5 quests are draenei-only, but the 6+ quests are available to any race.

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