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This item is a quest reward from the daily fishing quests given by Neutral Marcia Chase <Fishing Trainer & Supplies> in Dalaran:

[53.07, 64.96]


Average Drop Rates (from Wowhead as of October 30, 2009)
Name Drop %
Inv jewelcrafting gem 38.png [Brilliant Stormjewel] 0.1%
Inv jewelcrafting gem 42.png [Sparkling Stormjewel] 0.1%
Inv jewelcrafting gem 37.png [Delicate Stormjewel] 0.1%
Inv jewelcrafting gem 37.png [Bold Stormjewel] 0.2%
Inv jewelcrafting gem 38.png [Rigid Stormjewel] 0.1%
Inv jewelcrafting gem 42.png [Solid Stormjewel] 0.2%
Inv jewelcrafting gem 37.png [Runed Stormjewel] 0.3%
Inv misc enggizmos 17.png [Tiny Titanium Lockbox] 0.2%
Inv fishingpole 05.png [Jeweled Fishing Pole] 0.4%
Achievement profession fishing journeymanfisher.png [Bone Fishing Pole] 0.4%
Inv misc gem pearl 11.png [Siren's Tear] 1%
Ability hunter pet crab.png [Strand Crawler] 1.1%
Inv helmet 31.png [Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat] 1.1%
Inv fabric mageweave 02.png [High Test Eternium Fishing Line] 0.5%
Inv scroll 06.png [Recipe: Captain Rumsey's Lager] 0.8%
Inv misc gem pearl 09.png [Northsea Pearl] (1-3) 6%
Inv scroll 13.png [Waterlogged Recipe] 3%
Inv alchemy elixir 03.png [Sealed Vial of Poison] 5%
Inv misc idol 05.png [Unusual Compass] 5%
Inv helmet 50.png [Battered Jungle Hat] 5%
Inv wand 07.png [Diamond-tipped Cane] 5%
Inv alchemy elixir 02.png [Runic Mana Potion] (1-2) 9%
Inv inscription pigment bug07.png [Glow Worm] 23%
Inv potion 166.png [Elixir of Water Walking] (2-3) 23%
Inv potion 07.png [Pygmy Oil] (3-5) 46%
Inv misc monsterhead 01.png [Deviate Fish] (2-4) 50%
Inv misc book 03.png [A Steamy Romance Novel: Northern Exposure] 0.5%
Inv pet babyshark.png [Stuffed Shark Head] 0.7%
Inv misc bell 01.png [Porcelain Bell] 2%
Inv misc key 15.png [Tower Key] 5%
Inv misc statue 11.png [Whale Statue] 5%
Achievement profession fishing findfish.png [New Age Painting] 6%
Inv misc gem emeraldrough 01.png [Worthless Piece of Green Glass] (1-3) 7%
Inv jewelry talisman 08.png [Crafted Star] (2) 7%
Inv misc gem flamespessarite 01.png [Worthless Piece of Orange Glass] (1-3) 7%
Inv misc gem ruby 03.png [Worthless Piece of Red Glass] (1-3) 7%
Inv misc gem diamond 03.png [Worthless Piece of White Glass] (1-3) 7%
Inv bone skull 04.png [Velociraptor Skull] 7%
Inv misc gem ebondraenite 01.png [Worthless Piece of Violet Glass] (1-3) 7%
Inv misc coin 17.png [Solid Gold Coin] (2-5) 12%
randomg randoms randomc 100%

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