The Baradin's Wardens are the Alliance faction on Tol Barad, who are fighting the Horde-aligned Hellscream's Reach for control of the prison island. They are affiliated with the kingdom of Kul Tiras.

Once led by Duke Reginald Baradin II, this fierce army has historic ties to the island stronghold of Tol Barad. They have joined the forces of the Alliance in an effort to repeal the Horde invaders and gain control of this strategic island.

When in control of Tol Barad, the Baradin's Wardens will offer additional daily quests.

Baradin's Wardens

Known members

  • Alliance Commander Marcus Johnson
  • Alliance Commander Stevens
  • Alliance Marshal Fallows
  • Alliance 2nd Lieutenant Wansworth
  • Alliance Sergeant Parker
  • Alliance Brazie <Baradin's Wardens Quartermaster>


Reputation is gained exclusively with daily quests:


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