Bash'ir Landing

Bash'ir Landing is a camp of ethereals located in northern Blade's Edge Mountains, west of Felstorm Point. It is only reachable through flight or if you die near the Crystal Spine border on the right side of Gruul's lair you will appear in the Crystal Spine graveyard.

Skyguard event

Main article: Bash'ir Landing Raid

Every two hours the Sha'tari Skyguard assault and occupy the area surrounding a Crystalforge on Bash'ir Landing. This event offers access to items that cannot be purchased elsewhere. Players must guard a group of NPCs that are attacked by waves of increasingly powerful mobs. Players will receive access to progressively higher quality items the longer the NPCs stay alive.


The name may have been influenced by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Julian Bashir is the name of the Chief Medical Officer on the show.

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