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Once every two hours, a group of Skyguard will launch an attack from the Sha'tari Skyguard base at Ogri'la to Bash'ir Landing. The remaining time for the attack can be determined by talking to the Aether-tech NPC at the landing pad. Once the attack is underway, several Skyguard NPCs will engage the mobs at Bash'ir landing, and a series of NPC vendors will appear. The items provided by the vendors increase in quality as the attack is maintained, until eventually the entire area is wiped out by a large number of elite attackers.

Stage 1

Assault begins:

Skyguard Aether-Tech yells: A discovery! I need aid with these measurements... I'll send a signal to my colleague!

Stage 1 complete:

Aether-Tech Assistant yells: This forge can make unstable concoctions... to study them, I need Apexis Shards!

After the skyguard land a non elite flesh beast will move in to attack the NPCs at regular intervals for a minute or two. The Aether-tech Assistant appears after defeating the elite Bash'ir Flesh Fiend. A group of about 5 is recommended for this phase.

Flask Bonus Bonus Bonus Cost
[Unstable Flask of the Elder] +20 intellect +30 stamina +8 mana per 5 sec. 10x [Apexis Shard]
[Unstable Flask of the Physician] +20 intellect +30 stamina +44 healing 10x [Apexis Shard]
[Unstable Flask of the Bandit] +20 agility +30 stamina +40 attack power 10x [Apexis Shard]
[Unstable Flask of the Soldier] +20 strength +30 stamina +20 critical strike rating 10x [Apexis Shard]

These flasks only work in Blade's Edge and Gruul's Lair. Like all flasks they last 2 hours (Changed to 1 hour in Patch 3.1.0) and the effects persist through death.

Stage 2

The Aether-tech Adept appears after defeating 3 Elite siege towers. The siege towers launch AoEs at the NPCs and players; a large group (raid of 25) is recommended to clear this one, but it may be possible to get the gems with a smaller group, if you buy quickly and then wipe. It has been completed with as little as 3 people (Rogue, Tank Druid and Holy Priest), however, this amount is not recommended.

Gem Color Bonus Cost
[Unstable Amethyst] Purple +8 Attack Power and +6 Stamina 40x [Apexis Shard]
[Unstable Citrine] Orange +8 Attack Power and +4 Critical Rating 40x [Apexis Shard]
[Unstable Peridot] Green +4 Intellect and +6 Stamina 40x [Apexis Shard]
[Unstable Sapphire] Purple +9 Healing and +4 Spirit 40x [Apexis Shard]
[Unstable Talasite] Orange +4 Stamina and +4 Spell Critical Strike Rating 40x [Apexis Shard]
[Unstable Topaz] Orange +5 Spell Damage and +4 Intellect 40x [Apexis Shard]

Stage 3

The final wave appears shortly after the siege towers have been destroyed and contains a powerful boss mob called The Grand Collector that splits into three at some point during the fight and has some very nasty AoE spells. The Aether-tech Master appears upon completion of the event. The Master sells Meta Gems, Geodes and Accelerator Modules:

Item Notes Cost
[Imbued Unstable Diamond] UI-EmptySocket-Meta.png +14 Spell Damage and 5% Stun resistance 160x [Apexis Shard]
[Potent Unstable Diamond] UI-EmptySocket-Meta.png +24 Attack Power and 5% Stun resistance 160x [Apexis Shard]
[Accelerator Module] Activates a Proton Accelerator at Bashi'rs Landing 35x [Apexis Shard]
[Large Copper Metamorphosis Geode] Hunter, Shaman 4x [Apexis Crystal]
[Large Gold Metamorphosis Geode] Priest, Mage, Warlock 4x [Apexis Crystal]
[Large Iron Metamorphosis Geode] Warrior Paladin 4x [Apexis Crystal]
[Large Silver Metamorphosis Geode] Rogue, Druid 4x [Apexis Crystal]
[Small Copper Metamorphosis Geode] Hunter, Shaman 3x [Apexis Crystal]
[Small Gold Metamorphosis Geode] Priest, Mage, Warlock 3x [Apexis Crystal]
[Small Iron Metamorphosis Geode] Warrior Paladin 3x [Apexis Crystal]
[Small Silver Metamorphosis Geode] Rogue, Druid 3x [Apexis Crystal]

The Metamorphosis Geodes can be "opened" like lockboxes and most likely contain a rare armor piece.

Accelerator Modules

These can be used on the small rods that stick up from the ground near the long tunnels of rings on Bash'ir Landing. These are rather buggy at the moment, so be sure that no mobs are in the tunnel, or about to enter the tunnel when you use the controls or the summoned boss could bug and despawn. Summoned harbingers drop an [Apexis Crystal] and a couple of boe items, easily five-mannable. Watch out for their spell reflect though.