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The World Championship Event is the championship for various Blizzard game tournaments around the world introduced in 2012.

Details for early 2012

From MMO Champion (from interview with Ilja Rotelli, Blizzard's Global Director of Community & eSports, by[1]

  • The prize pool will be comparable to the continental invitationals in 2011.
  • Qualifications will begin in Q2 this year.
  • The entire 2012 season is going to be played with Wings of Liberty.
  • There will be five regional championships, with the final being held in Asia.
  • There will also be national championships before the regionals.
  • Blizzard won't be running all of the matches, instead they will be working with existing eSports organizations.
  • There will be more matches and ways to see them than there were for Blizzcon 2011.

The World of Warcraft Arena World Championship tournament will also be hosted, but at the end of the year in Shanghai, China.

No World of Warcraft in early 2012 event

World of Warcraft had no events in the first World Championship event in early 2012, but will be featured in the late 2012 event.

Details for late 2012

  • Dungeon Challenge Event - Day 1
    • Two five-player teams from the raiding guilds in attendance, "Stars" and "Supreme Quicksand", will conduct simultaneous Challenge Mode runs to prove who the fastest dungeon runners in the East really are. Each guild must select a single team and class composition to use throughout the event and will need to be prepared to take on Shado-Pan Monastery, Scarlet Halls, and Stormstout Brewery. Final times will be tallied to determine the winning guild.
  • Live Raid with Stars - Day 2
    • "Stars" will be putting their considerable abilities on display as they race through the Heroic version of Mogu'shan Vaults.
  • World Championship World of Warcraft Arena Global Finals - Day 3
    • Ten top Arena teams—two from each global region—are coming to Shanghai to face off for the title of "2012 Global Champion". They’ll be vying for international glory and their share of a prize pool totaling $189,000.
    • First, there will be a series of best-of-five round robin matches. Then, the top four teams will move on to the double-elimination championship bracket to see which team is worthy of the title of Global Champion, and a championship purse worth over $100,000.
      • First Place - $105,000
      • Second Place - $45,000
      • Third Place - $27,000
      • Fourth Place - $12,000


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