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For lore, see Mount Hyjal and The Battle of Mount Hyjal (History of Warcraft). For the Warcraft III mission, see Twilight of the Gods.

Zone overview over Hyjal as it appears during the Battle for Mount Hyjal. Only the northern half of the map is actually used for the instance.

Battle for Mount Hyjal is the 25 man raid instance in the Caverns of Time. Its difficulty is slightly below that of Black Temple, and the first two Tier 6 set tokens can be won here. Defeating enemies in Hyjal Summit yields reputation with The Scale of the Sands.


Mount Hyjal does not require attunement. Prior to Patch 2.4 completion of N [70] The Vials of Eternity was needed in order to enter the instance. The quest is still in the game, the only substantial reward being the Band of Eternity set of rings. Prior to patch 3.0.2 completion of the quest chain also rewarded the "Hand of A'dal", which now is no longer available.


Behind the MH instance portal is an anteroom which sports another three instance portals (two of them blocked at start), a reagent vendor and the Tier 6 item vendor (who can also repair). The three portals lead to the three bases (Alliance, Horde, and Night Elf). The bases are also connected to each other by a long road within the instance itself. After defeating the two bosses in the Alliance camp, the second portal opens up and permits direct access to the Horde camp. After killing two more bosses there, the third gate opens, which leads to the Night Elf camp. Wipe recovery is usually possible in place, so the portals are used rather infrequently, save the last one - due to his long aggro range, wipes at Archimonde usually require a corpse run.

The first four bosses are preceded by eight waves of trash mobs each. During these events, two counters appear in the UI: one displays the number of remaining mobs in the current wave, and a second for the current wave number. The fifth boss is not preceded by trash waves.

The fights take place close to the entrance inside the friendly bases (so that the NPCs can be used in an easy but controllable way). The waves (and bosses) spawn at the enemy camp outside the friendly base. Moving from there to the players takes about 20 seconds, so that drinking and rezzing usually can take place between waves.

Talking to the Base Leaders

The first four boss events are each started by talking to the current base leader (Jaina Proudmoore or Thrall). Just clicking on the NPC suffices — it's not possible to abort the event after starting the conversation. After the second boss in each camp is defeated, talking a third time to the base leader activates the next base, spawns Ancient Crystal Mines (where epic gems can be mined) on the path to the next base, and causes the current base to be destroyed by unstoppable waves of trash mobs. It's a good idea to first distribute the loot from the second boss, then move the raid to the next base, place miners along the road, and have only one player talk to the base leader and quickly follow the others.

Dungeon Denizens

The Battle for Mount Hyjal bosses



Mob Abilities
  • Cannibalize - Regenerates health over time. Lasts 12 sec.
  • Enrage - Decreases the time between attacks by 150% for 8 sec.
Crypt Fiends
Shadowy Necromancer
  • Shadow Bolt - Hurls a bolt of dark magic at an enemy, inflicting 2975 to 4025 Shadow damage.
  • Raise Dead - Summons a Skeleton Invader and a Skeleton Mage to aid the caster in battle for 1 min.
  • Unholy Frenzy - Increases an ally's attack speed by 100% for 20 sec., but also inflicts 500 Nature damage to that ally every 2 sec.
Skeleton Invader
Skeleton Mage
  • Fireball - Inflicts 723 to 977 Fire damage to an enemy.
  • Frostbolt - Inflicts 532 to 718 Frost damage to an enemy and reduces its movement speed by 50% for 4 sec.
  • Shadow Bolt - Hurls a bolt of dark magic at an enemy, inflicting 850 to 1150 Shadow damage.
  • Disease Cloud - A putrid cloud of disease surrounds the caster, dealing 694 to 806 Nature damage to nearby enemies.
  • Knockdown - Inflicts 4000 damage to an enemy, stunning it for 2 sec.
  • Banshee Wail - Wails with anguish, inflicting 2475 to 3025 Shadow damage to an enemy.
  • Banshee Curse - Reduces an enemy's chance to hit by 66% for 5 min.
  • Anti-Magic Shell - Creates an anti-magic shell around the caster that will absorb up to 200000 magic damage. Lasts 30 sec.
  • Gargoyle Strike - Inflicts 850 to 1150 Nature damage to an enemy.
Frost Wyrm
  • Frost Breath - Inflicts 2550 to 3450 Frost damage to an enemy and reduces its movement speed by 50% for 6 sec.
Giant Infernal
Fel Stalker
  • Mana Burn - Hits an enemy with an anti-mana bolt. For each point of mana consumed by the bolt, the target takes 0.5 damage.

Trash Waves

The trash mob waves spawn every 2 minutes, or after the last mob of the preceding wave is dead (if it's killed in less than two minutes). As good AoE tanking is required on many of the waves, a paladin tank is highly useful. On most trash waves, it's a good idea to set up an AoE kill zone (particularly recommended for Ghouls). Some of the incoming mobs can be kited by hunters to be killed by the NPCs (e.g. the Banshees). Melee players can attack the airborn Frost Wyrms by standing within their hit box directly underneath, but Gargoyles must either be silenced while casting a gargoyle strike or kited by ranged DPS until they descend to the ground, where they can be reached by melee. Make good use of the NPCs, as they can add significantly to the overall raid DPS.

Wave Composition

The following table shows the individual wave compositions. Note that during waves 2 and 4 before Kaz'rogal, the gargoyles spawn towards the back of the Horde camp and must be dragged to the front by ranged DPS.

Alliance Base Horde Base
Wave# Rage Winterchill Anetheron Kaz'rogal Azgalor
1 10 Ghoul 10 Ghoul 4 Ghoul, 4 Abomination, 2 Banshee, 2 Necromancer 6 Abomination, 6 Necromancer
2 10 Ghoul, 2 Crypt Fiends 8 Ghoul, 4 Abomination 4 Ghoul, 10 Gargoyle 5 Ghoul, 8 Gargoyle, 1 Frost Wyrm
3 6 Ghoul, 6 Crypt Fiends 4 Ghoul, 4 Crypt Fiends, 4 Necromancer 6 Ghoul, 6 Crypt Fiends, 2 Necromancer 6 Ghoul, 8 Giant Infernal
4 6 Ghoul, 4 Crypt Fiends, 2 Necromancer 4 Necromancer, 6 Crypt Fiends, 2 Banshee 6 Crypt Fiends, 2 Necromancer, 6 Gargoyles 6 Fel Stalker, 8 Giant Infernal
5 2 Ghoul, 6 Crypt Fiends, 4 Necromancer 6 Ghoul, 2 Necromancer, 4 Banshee 4 Ghoul, 6 Abomination, 4 Necromancer 4 Abomination, 6 Fel Stalker, 4 Necromancer
6 6 Ghoul, 6 Abomination 6 Ghoul, 2 Abomination, 4 Necromancer 8 Gargoyle, 1 Frost Wyrm 6 Necromancer, 6 Banshee
7 4 Ghoul, 4 Necromancer, 4 Abomination 4 Crypt Fiends, 4 Abomination, 4 Banshee, 2 Ghoul 6 Ghoul, 4 Abomination, 1 Frost Wyrm 2 Ghoul, 2 Crypt Fiends, 2 Fel Stalker, 8 Giant Infernal
8 6 Ghoul, 4 Crypt Fiends, 2 Abomination, 2 Necromancer 3 Ghoul, 4 Abomination, 3 Crypt Fiends, 2 Banshee, 2 Necromancer 6 Ghoul, 4 Abomination, 2 Crypt Fiends, 2 Banshee, 2 Necromancer 4 Abomination, 4 Crypt Fiends, 4 Banshee, 2 Necromancer, 2 Fel Stalker

Tips on Bosses

The following tips apply to all bosses in Mount Hyjal:

  • The boss appears 3 minutes after the 8th trash wave (or after the last mob of the 8th wave is dead if three minutes aren't over yet)
  • A raid which successfully kills the trash waves is always also capable of killing the boss (no special raid composition is required)
  • The bosses can be delayed indefinitely by three rogues using Distract to give the raid time out of combat to rez and drink. When distracting, it seems that staying at the side of the boss and also placing the distracts at his side decreases the chance for resists
  • The boss needs only one tank, although some fights may require additional tanks for adds
  • Due to various AoE abilities, the raid must usually spread out. It's good standard practice to put all ranged damage dealers and healers well distributed in a wide circle around the main tank position


See Battle for Mount Hyjal loot


Infinite Dragonflight

Oddly enough, although the quest NPCs involved in getting attuned for the Caverns of Time mention that the Battle of Mount Hyjal is a timeway that is being deeply disrupted by the Infinite Dragonflight, who are working tirelessly to keep it a secret from the Bronze dragons, there is not a single infinite dragonflight member in the instance; unlike the other three Caverns of Time instances.

Re: What is the point of Battle for Mount Hyjal | 2007-08-14 02:46 | Drysc
It's a "time pocket" if you will. There's no intended link to the Infinite Dragonflight or their dastardly deeds of altered timeways, and you're not literally interacting with history. It's simply a way for players to experience some of the larger moments in Warcraft history, and admittedly the Mount Hyjal instance isn't really linked to the world for any rhyme or reason. The timeway presented itself, it's an amazing opportunity to be there and experience such a major event, and Archimonde drops phat purples.

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Re: What is the point of Battle for Mount Hyjal | 2007-08-14 02:54 | Drysc
The Caverns of Time are a strange and complex place, and I don't suspect we will ever be able to fully understand the complex goings on inside them.

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  • Wowhead calls this raid "Caverns of Time: Hyjal Summit" although the official site calls it "The Battle for Mount Hyjal".

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