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Battlegear of Valor is the first Dungeon set for Warriors.


Item Bind Dropped by Found in
[Helm of Valor] BoP Darkmaster Gandling Scholomance
[Spaulders of Valor] BoP Warchief Rend Blackhand Upper Blackrock Spire
[Breastplate of Valor] BoP General Drakkisath Upper Blackrock Spire
[Bracers of Valor] BoE Trash mobs, Quartermaster Zigris Lower Blackrock Spire
[Gauntlets of Valor] BoE Ramstein the Gorger Stratholme
[Legplates of Valor] BoP Baron Rivendare Stratholme
[Belt of Valor] BoE Trash mobs Stratholme, Lower Blackrock Spire
[Boots of Valor] BoP Kirtonos the Herald Scholomance


Night elf warrior wearing Battlegear of Valor


Battlegear of Valor
Inv pants 04.png
Inv helmet 02.png
Inv belt 34.png
Inv shoulder 30.png
Inv boots plate 03.png
Inv chest plate03.png
Inv gauntlets 26.png
Inv bracer 18.png


This robust armor was forged by dwarven master smiths deep in the bowels of Ironforge. The armor was crafted from the finest metals as a token of thanks for the Alliance's aid during the Second War and is worn by the Alliance's most highly exalted champions. Articulated plates are form-fitted to the wearer, and affixed to tightly woven chainmail undergarments. Every piece is accented with gold etchings, studs, and flares.[1] (MM&M 148)

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