Belloc Brightblade is the Horde's archaeology trainer based at Grommash Hold

[48.6, 72.8]

within the Valley of Strength in Orgrimmar. He also serves as a neutral quest giver for both factions at Schnottz's Landing

[24.4, 64.6]

in Uldum.


Grommash Hold (Horde Horde only)
Schnott'z Landing (Neutral Both factions)
Krasarang Wilds



His name and dress sense are likely a reference to René Belloq, the main antagonist from Raiders of the Lost Ark. This also fits with the Alliance Archaeology trainer, Harrison Jones, who himself is a reference to Harrison Ford's role as Indiana Jones.

Because of this, lots of parodies have been featured by players and fans of Indiana Jones franchise. For example, the well-known dialogue between Jones and Belloq at the beginning of the Lost Ark, in which the word hovitos have been replaced by a more WoW-like reference:

  • Harrison Jones: They don't know you like I do, Belloc.
  • Belloc Brightblade: True, you could warn them, if only you spoke trollish!

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