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BigWigs » Modules (original)

Below lists BigWigs originally featured boss modules, with notable warnings.

Note: this list is no longer complete. Add'l. page edit and author history [1].

Molten Core


  • Lucifron's Curse warnings with timerbar
  • Impending Doom warnings with timerbar


  • Fear warnings with timerbar
  • Frenzy warnings


  • Gehenna's Curse warnings

Baron Geddon

  • Warns when players become the bomb. If the raidleader or an assistant was running BigWigs this module would mark the most recent Bomb player with a skull raid icon.


  • Warns when Shazzrah blinks.
  • Warns for the Deaden Magic buff.

Majordomo Executus

  • Warns for Magic shield, and Damage shield.


  • Warns for Ragnaros submerge and emerge and Sons of Flame.
  • Warn for AE knockback, with timerbar.

Blackwing Lair


  • Warns when a person gains Burning Adrenaline. If the raidleader or an assistant is running BigWigs this module will mark the BA'd player with a skull icon.


  • Warns for Flame Buffet with timerbar.
  • Warns for Shadowflame


  • Warns for Curse of Ebonroc.
  • Warns for Shadowflame.
  • Warns for Flame Buffet with timerbar.


  • Warns for Frenzy.
  • Warns for Shadowflame.
  • Warns for Flame Buffet with timerbar.


  • Warns for Frenzy.
  • Warns for incoming breaths with timerbars. There would be be two bars in view, one for each breath.
  • Warns for vulnerability changes, and tries to detect that vulnerability.


  • Gives warnings before Nefarian lands.
  • Warns for Fear incoming.
  • Warns for Shadowflame.
  • Has a timerbar ticking down for the Class abilities. And warns for them.


The Prophet Skeram

  • Warns for the casting of Arcane Explosion.
  • Warns when players are mindcontrolled.

Three Bugs

  • Warns for Yauj healing.
  • Warns for Fear, and has timerbar.

Battleguard Sartura

  • Warns for Whirlwinds.
  • Warns for Enrage.
  • Has a timerbar ticking down for the 10 minute Enrage.

Fankriss the Unyielding

  • Warns for incoming worms.


  • Warns for poison bolt volley, and has timerbar.
  • Warns when players are standing in toxin clouds.
  • Warns for the freeze phases.

Princess Huhuran

  • Warns for Frenzy.
  • Warns for possible Wyvern Stings, and has a timerbar.
  • Warns for Enrage imminent when Huhuran gets close to 30%.

Twin Emperors

  • Has a timerbar ticking down for the 15 minute God Mode Enrage.
  • Warns for Teleport and has a timerbar ticking down. These bars are synchronized, so BigWigs users will be able to see the teleport timers even if they're out of range of the event.


  • Berserk soon warning.
  • Sweep warnings and timerbar.
  • Submerge and Emerge warnings and timerbars.
  • Sandblast warnings and timerbar.


  • Eye Tentacle warnings and timerbars.
  • Dark Glare warning and timerbar. Also able to whisper players that are about to get a Dark Glare on them. Reports the raidgroup the glare is about to hit.
  • Phase 2 Giant Eye tentacle spawn warnings and timerbar.
  • Weakened DPS Party timers.



  • Locust Swarm warnings, with timerbars.

Grand Widow Faerlina

  • Enrage warnings and timerbar.

Noth the Plaguebringer

  • Blink warning and timerbar till the next blink.
  • Teleport to Balcony and back to the Room warnings with timerbars.

Instructor Razuvious

  • Warnings for his disrupting shout including timerbars.


  • Frenzy Warning.
  • Fear Warning and timerbars
  • Decimate AoE Zombies warning and timerbars.


  • Web Spray warnings and timer bar
  • Enrage soon warning.


  • Enrage timerbar and warnings


  • Volatile injection warning
  • Puts a skull icon on the person getting Volatile Injection (requires raidofficer or raidleader)

Heigan the Unclean

  • Teleport warnings and timer bar


  • Doom warnings
  • Spore warnings
  • Curse warnings

Gothik the Harvester

  • timerbars for the different adds
  • timerbar for his arrival in the room

Four Horsemen

  • Experimental Module
  • Warns for incoming marks
  • Warns for shieldwall at 50%


High Priest Venoxis

  • Renew dispel warnings.
  • Phase 2 warning.

High Priestess Mar'li

  • Spider spawn warnings.
  • Life Drain warnings.

Bloodlord Mandokir

  • Warns when people are being watched and places a skull icon on their head if raidleader or assistant is running BigWigs.

High Priestess Arlokk

  • Warns who's the marked target.

High Priestess Jeklik

  • Warns when heals need to be interupted.
  • Warns when bomb bats are incoming.

Jin'do the Hexxer

  • Warns for Healing totems
  • Warns for Brain Wash totems

Hakkar the Soulflayer

  • 10 minute Enrage timer, with timerbar
  • Timers and timerbar for the drains.


General Rajaxx

  • Warns for incoming waves.

Ayamiss the Hunter

  • Warns who's being sacrificed.

Buru the Gorger

  • Warns who's being watched by Buru. Places a skull icon on top of their head if raidleader or assistant is running BigWigs.


  • Timer and warnings for his paralyaze and incoming adds.

Ossirian the Unscarred

  • Timer for his supreme mode.
  • Warns for vulnerabilities.

Other Bosses


  • Warns for volatile infection on players.
  • Warns for Noxious breath. With timerbar.


  • Warns for Deep Breath.
  • Warns for phase 2 and 3 incoming.


  • Warns for Teleport.
  • Warns for Magic Shield reflect.