Bilgewater Port

Bilgewater Port

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is a massive industrial complex located on Kezan. Despite its name, Bilgewater Port houses no docks of any kind, save for one private one belonging to Trade Prince Gallywix. Though the Port technically includes most of the subzones within Kezan, the Port as seen on its map contains only one large building near the shore.


Bilgewater Port, on a bay on the island's northwest coast, is Kezan's primary port city. It bustles at all hours, with ships arriving and departing in perpetuity. Cranes load and unload. Sailors embark and disembark. The docks are noisy and crowded, with visiting races rubbing shoulders with the native goblins and the goblin merchant sailors who arrive to drop off and/or pick up their goods. Bilgewater is the port in the South Seas, and the only one worth mentioning that exists between the western and eastern continents; as such, it sees a lot of activity, and races of all types are found here. Bilgewater is connected to goblin enterprises all over the world and is linked directly to Undermine. A circle of goblins called the Bilgewater Cartel oversees operations here.

Whatever you're looking for, you can find it in Bilgewater Port. The waterfront boasts inns, taverns, gambling halls, theaters, pleasure houses and numerous other businesses that cater to sailors and visitors. Deeper in the city, small shops of every kind fight for space on the cobblestone streets.[1]


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