Binan Village is a pandaren village found in the southeastern region of Kun-Lai Summit. It is accessed by traversing the Ancient Passage via the Veiled Stair. Beyond the town the area is under attack by the yaungol, where the Yaungol Advance ends at the edge of the village. To the east is a bamboo bridge that leads to the heart of Inkgill Mere.

Flight paths

Neutral Temple of the White Tiger, Kun-Lai Summit
Neutral One Keg, Kun-Lai Summit
Neutral Tavern in the Mists, Veiled Stair


Quest givers/enders


The inn here is called Binan Brew & Stew.


The name Binan comes from the Chinese bì nàn, which means to seek refuge, as the villagers are escaping from the yaungol attackers.

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