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The Black Tooth Grin clan banner

The Black Tooth Grin clan is an orcish clan. The clan receives its name from the tradition that every recruit must knock out one of their own teeth to show their loyalty.[1] (W2Man 70)


The Black Tooth Grin clan was originally part of the Blackrock clan, but after Blackhand was deposed as warchief, his sons Rend and Maim sought to establish their own power base within the Horde, forming the Black Tooth Grin clan. During the Second War, the Black Tooth Grins were responsible for guarding the Dark Portal and fought on the front lines during the campaign for Khaz Modan.[1] (W2Man 70) As their mission was to defend the Dark Portal, most of them were slaughtered by the forces of the Alliance of Lordaeron.[2]

Rend and Maim survived the battle over the Dark Portal. They took control of the survivors of the Blackrock and Black Tooth Grin clans, and used them to form the Dark Horde, establishing their base at Blackrock Spire.[3] However, the Dark Iron dwarves made war against the Dark Horde for control of Blackrock Spire. Maim was killed in battle, and Rend made an alliance with Nefarian so that he could drive back the dwarves.[4] Rend now leads the various clans of the Dark Horde as their warchief.[5]

Note: In the cancelled Lord of the Clans video game, Rend and Maim were going to be the ones who assassinated Thrall's parents on the orders of Gul'dan. However, the names of the assassins were not stated in the novel, and whether Rend and Maim had any role in it has been unconfirmed.

Known members

Name Role Status Location
Neutral 15.pngIconSmall Orc Male.gif Maim Blackhand Chieftain Deceased
CombatIconSmall Rend.gif Rend Blackhand Chieftain Alive Hall of Blackhand, Blackrock Spire


"Black Tooth Grin" was also a phrase sung by Dave Mustaine in a song for the popular metal band Megadeth. The phrase became popular after Pantera guitarist and prodigy "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott created an alcoholic drink named the "Black Tooth Grin" and even tattooed the phrase on his leg. The drink consists of a double shot of whiskey (most commonly Crown Royal) and a splash of cola (enough to darken the whiskey to almost black, and a subtle flavoring).