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Blackrock Spiree
Lower Blackrock Spire (5)

Combat Burning Felguard
Combat Spirestone Butcher
Combat Spirestone Battle Lord
Combat Spirestone Lord Magus
Boss Highlord Omokk
Boss Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin
Boss War Master Voone
Combat Mor Grayhoof
Combat Bannok Grimaxe
Boss Mother Smolderweb
Combat Crystal Fang
Boss Urok Doomhowl
Boss Quartermaster Zigris
Boss Halycon
Boss Gizrul the Slavener
Combat Ghok Bashguud
Boss Overlord Wyrmthalak

Upper Blackrock Spire (level 100; 5)
Boss Orebender Gor'ashan

Boss Kyrak
Boss Commander Tharbek
Boss Ragewing the Untamed
Boss Warlord Zaela

Old Upper Blackrock Spire (10)

Pyroguard Emberseer
Solakar Flamewreath
Jed Runewatcher
Goraluk Anvilcrack
Gyth and Rend Blackhand
The Beast
Lord Valthalak
General Drakkisath

Blackrock Mountain

Blackrock Spire bosses

Blackrock Spire, aka Black Rock Spire, Black Rock, or Castle of Blackhand, is a dungeon. Blackrock Spire is the part of Blackrock Mountain that is above ground.[1] It is inhabited by members of the Dark Hordeorcs, forest trolls, and ogres, as well as their new allies, the black dragonflight led by the son of Deathwing — Nefarian.

It consists of two parts:

Upper and Lower Blackrock Spire also gain their names from real world rocky outlets off the coast of Saint Helena.


From World Dungeons on the old WoW site:

The mighty fortress carved within the fiery bowels of Blackrock Mountain was designed by the master dwarf-mason, Franclorn Forgewright. Intended to be the symbol of Dark Iron power, the fortress was held by the sinister dwarves for centuries.

When the Horde first arrived in Azeroth, they invaded the upper portion of the Dark Iron's fortress in Blackrock Mountain, Blackrock Spire, and claimed it as their base of operations. They held it until Alliance forces routed the Horde from their capital, in one of the last major battles of the Second War.

From World Dungeons on the old WoW site:

However, Nefarian - the cunning son of the dragon, Deathwing - had other plans for the great keep. He and his draconic minions took control of the upper Spire and made war on the dwarves' holdings in the mountain's volcanic depths. Realizing that the dwarves were led by the mighty fire elemental, Ragnaros - Nefarian vowed to crush his enemies and claim the whole of Blackrock mountain for himself.

Blackrock Spire, the site of arguably one of the most terrible battles ever to ravage Azeroth,[2] such as the Assault on Blackrock Spire.

It is also home to a ley line pattern of incredible martial potency.[2]


The entrance is located by following the broad circular road up and around to the northeast corner of the large central chamber The Molten Span. Enter the ruined buildings there and proceed upwards until you find a narrow doorway.

Blackrock Spire entrance

Blackrock StadiumChamber of BattleDragonspire HallThe FurnaceHall of BindingHall of BlackhandHalycon's LairHordemar CityMok'DoomThe RookerySkitterweb TunnelsSpire ThroneThe StorehouseTazz'Alaor


Dungeon denizens


See also: Lower Blackrock SpireUpper Blackrock Spire

Blackrock Spire has two sections. The first is referred to as "lower spire", or LBRS, and is the main chunk of the instance, intended for a single group of players. The second is "upper spire", or UBRS, which is a much smaller area, but intended for 10 players setup in a group. The player cap was 15 prior to patch 1.10, when it was lowered to 10. The Seal of Ascension is a quest reward that was once used as a key to access this wing.




How to solo Upper Blackrock Spire
How to find the entrance

Patch changes

  • World of Warcraft Patch 1.10.0 (28-Mar-2006): Capped at ten players.
  • World of Warcraft Patch 1.4.0 (2005-05-05): The minimum level requirement on the Blackrock Spire Meeting Stone has been properly assigned.
  • World of Warcraft Patch 1.3.0 (07-Mar-2005):
    • Capped at fifteen players.
    • Some Blackrock Spire bosses will now properly display their true level, instead of being considered world bosses (who do not display level).

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