Blastmaster Emi Shortfuse, a level-27 elite female gnome, is found within Gnomeregan, near two of the spots where the troggs started invading Gnomeregan. She wishes to find out where exactly the troggs are coming from and tries to stop them. When players talk to her, she will start an escort-like event, in which you'll have to protect her against waves of incoming troggs. At the end, Grubbis and his pet Chomper will appear. After defending her for the duration of event, you will be able to loot [Red Fireworks Rocket]s from the crates behind her.


She is located at the end of the first hall to the left after entering the instance, on the southwest side of the upper Hall of Gears. During the event, she opens a tunnel from which troggs issue in waves. She will issue a warning and collapse that tunnel; if you are in that tunnel, you may be killed out of the reach of your healers.

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