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Blindeye the Seer is part of the High King Maulgar boss encounter in Gruul's Lair.

Attacks and abilities

  • Basic Melee: 1400 - 2400. 2.0 attack speed. Hits for 800-900 (non-crushing) on a geared protection Warrior.
  • Greater Power Word: Shield: Absorbs 25000 physical and magical damage. Instant cast, lasts for 30 seconds, also makes target immune to stuns and interrupts while the shield is active.
  • Heal: Holy. Heals target for 47000-53500 (estimated). 1.6 second cast, interruptible, not range or line-of-sight dependent.
  • Prayer of Healing: Holy. Heals party members within 50,000 yards for 92500-107500. 4 second cast, interruptible.


The healer of the group, he has a small heal with which he heals himself for approximately 5% of his maximum health and a very powerful 10-second cast Prayer of Mending which heals him to full. Before he casts Prayer of Mending he will always Power Word: Shield himself first and can't be interrupted when the shield is up. As soon as he shields, DPS must break down the shield before they can interrupt his Prayer of Mending. He is vulnerable to Curse of Tongues and Mind Numbing Poison which can aid players in the interrupt process of his dangerous heals.

Alternatively, there are eight ways to interrupt Blindeye's Prayer of Mending while the shield remains up:


He is vulnerable to a warlock's Curse of Tongues.

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