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Well, BlizzCon 2014 launched not too long ago, and boy were the announcements flowing! Of course we all know that Warcraft itself is twenty years old - and World of Wracraft ten years - so we'll be covering the incredible party going on tonight. But there was news for almost every game in Blizzard's aresenal, including a new IP!


This is Blizzard's new gem they're showing off. Project: Titan, anyone? They didn't reveal all the juicy secrets, of course (that's for the imminent panel), but they did give us a nice overview.

What is it? A multiplayer shooter battle arena. And it looks epic.

From what they showed of the story, it has absolutely nothing to do with any current franchise. It's set in a world all its own, where Overwatch - an organization largely responsible for spreading peace throughout the world - has since dispersed, with some of the members going rogue. The trailer itself was the typical blend of Blizz epicness and humor, following two brothers as they toured a museum of Overwatch artifacts. Too soon, the baddies showed up, and they got to witness - and the older one, help - the good guys when they appeared.

We'll be attending the panel shortly that spills all the juicy goodness, as well as play the demo later, so stay tuned!

Heroes of the Storm

Not in the technical alpha? Well, the good news is the closed beta will be starting January 2015.

On top of that, we got to see some new heroes: Jaina Proudmoore, Thrall, and the Lost Vikings! There's also two more battlegrounds in the works, one of the theme Egyptian/desert themed, and the other appearing as if it might be underground.

StarCraft II

The final chapter of the trilogy is on the horizon, and this time, players will be able to access the third race: the Protoss! The expansion is titled Legacy of the Void and will wrap up all the stories of our beloved characters.


As was (sort of) expected, Hearthstone is getting its first expansion pack. While theories abounded, some thinking that they would follow the expansions set by Warcraft, others considering Azshara-themed...Blizzard fooled us all and is introducing...

Wait for it...

Goblins versus Gnomes

Yep, two races we all love and hold dear are being pitted against one another. Over 100 cards will be added next month, and they all seem to be engineering-based, like the Explosive Sheep!

That's all for now. As the conference continues, we'll have much more information!