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The Blizzard Shop (formerly "Battle.net Shop" and before that the "Blizzard Store") is the online web purchasing site for Blizzard Entertainment. It sells digital goods and games, for Warcraft Universe, StarCraft Universe and the Diablo Universe. If you are searching for physical goods (apparel, toys, collectibles and more), head to Blizzard Gear (gear.blizzard.com).

Battle.net Shop changeover

On around November 18, 2013, the "Blizzard Store" changed to the "Battle.net Shop".[1] The change was not officially announced and there are indications that physical goods will no longer be available[2] (much like the EU store at the end of December 2012). All physical products are available on the Blizzard Gear store gear.blizzard.com, starting February 10th.

Name changed to Blizzard Shop

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Sometime in fall 2016, although the domain is still battle.net, the naming on the site changed to "Blizzard Shop".

Late 2012 to 2013 revamp

In December 2012, Blizzard Europe announced they were revamping the store and shipping of physical products would not be available starting December 17, 2012.[3] Unfortunately, 6 months later, physical products are still not available in an EU only store. Instead shoppers can use the US store Blizzard Gear gear.blizzard.com which ships world-wide.[4]

Battle.net Balance

Prior to the change over to the Battle.net Shop, the Battle.net Balance could not be used to purchase from the Blizzard Store.[5] After the changeover, you apparently can use your Battle.net Balance for purchases.[6]


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