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Raylan13 Raylan13 9 November 2013

BlizzCon WoW News (P2)

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Raylan13 Raylan13 8 November 2013

BlizzCon WoW News (P1)

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Raylan13 Raylan13 18 October 2013

News Roundup: 10/18

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Raylan13 Raylan13 11 October 2013

News Roundup 10/11

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Raylan13 Raylan13 24 July 2013

News Roundup 7/24

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Raylan13 Raylan13 28 June 2013

News Roundup 6/28

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Raylan13 Raylan13 7 June 2013

Xbox Live Alliance/Horde Avatar Shirts!

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Raylan13 Raylan13 31 May 2013

News Roundup 5/31

Slow news week! Never fear, we've found at least a little snippet of news here and there. Seeing as how the next big patch is a ways off, this lack of news isn't much of a surprise.

(Breaking news at the bottom about the Warcraft movie!!)

New mount
Blizzard recently unleashed a new Flying mount upon the store, the Armored Bloodwing ($25/£17):
Soar into battle atop the undisputed ruler of the night skies—the all-new Armored Bloodwing mount. This monstrous, flesh-eating bat is the perfect companion for trips that call for death and destruction.
Wait - what? What does the Man of Steel have to do with Warcraft? Well, nothing really. However, the actor that plays the Kryptonian in the upcoming movie, Henry Cavill, revealed in an interview wi…
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Raylan13 Raylan13 24 May 2013

News Roundup 5/24

Unless you've been hiding under a rock or just haven't played in a while, you know that Patch 5.3.0 dropped this week. The Escalation patch has quite a few features packed into it, including a new battleground, new arena, four new scenarios, epic questlines, and some changes miners and herbalists might appreciate (yes, you, too can mine and herb in Pandaria, low-skill gatherers!). Blizzard has posted a great roundup of their own on the official site, including content overview, developer tidbits, and links to interviews.

More news:

Time - Article on the continuing decline of Warcraft's subscriber numbers.
Blizzard’s turning heads that probably shouldn’t be turning today off news that World of Warcraft – the most successful online roleplaying ga…

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Raylan13 Raylan13 26 April 2013

Developer Q&A Highlights

In case you missed it, we put together the highlights from the Q&A and were nice enough to sort them for you . Keep in mind this is not the full transcript, but it does cover roughly 90% of the material presented.

Your Blizzard crew:

  • Desvin: Brian Holinka; Senior Designer, PvP
  • Fargo: Dave Kosak; Lead Quest Designer
  • Ghostcrawler: Greg Street; Lead Systems Designer
  • Watcher: Ion Hazzikostas; Lead Encounter Designer
  • Mumper: Cory Stockton; Lead Content Designer

  • 1 Arenas
  • 2 Battlegrounds
  • 3 Crowd control
  • 4 CRZ
  • 5 Item levels
  • 6 Item upgrading
  • 7 Lore
  • 8 LFR
  • 9 Pet Battle System
  • 10 Phasing
  • 11 Playable races
  • 12 Professions
  • 13 Quests
  • 14 Scenarios
  • 15 Seasonal events
  • 16 Server population
  • 17 Tabards
  • 18 UI
  • 19 Miscellaneous

Is there a possibility of Arenas going cross realm?

Will there be any spectator mo…

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