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Hellfire Citadel
Hellfire Ramparts (5)

Watchkeeper Gargolmar
Omor the Unscarred
Vazruden and Nazan

The Blood Furnace (5)

The Maker
Keli'dan the Breaker

The Shattered Halls (5)

Grand Warlock Nethekurse
Blood Guard Porung (heroic)
Warbringer O'mrogg
Warchief Kargath Bladefist

Magtheridon's Lair (25)


Blood Furnace bosses

Blood Furnace

The Blood Furnace is the second wing of the Hellfire Citadel.

[46.1, 51.7]

This instance takes place above Hellfire Ramparts, inside of the tower that overlooks the ramparts themselves. The entrance is on the Alliance (Southern) side of the Citadel, up a ramp that starts at map coordinates

[45, 61]

. You come to find out, in the course of the instance, that it is Magtheridon that is entrapped by the Fel Orcs' sorcery, and they're using his blood to manufacture a new Fel Horde, infused with his demonic energy. The guiding force in this plan is Illidan, who is now the supreme ruler of Outland, after his usurping of Magtheridon.

The instance is around one and a half times to twice as long as Hellfire Ramparts, and has the same number of bosses. Like Hellfire Ramparts, it can be finished by a party of level 60 characters, though it will take a more balanced group and/or better geared and skilled players.

This instance is substantially less difficult for solo farming than the Hellfire Ramparts, although with a correspondingly lower gold yield.


Killing monsters in this instance on normal difficulty grants Thrallmar or Honor Hold reputation. Reputation stops at Honored, bosses included. Heroic goes to Exalted, though.

A full Heroic run will earn roughly 2500 rep.

Dungeon Denizens


Bosses Monsters


  • The Maker - 62 Elite Demon - The Maker has several special attacks, including an instant cast mind control, none of which are devastating if he is taken down quickly.
  • Broggok - 63 Elite - The Broggok encounter consists of four waves of four orcs each, followed by Broggok. The waves are timed, but will come early if you finish off the previous wave before the timer is up. Each wave has one more elite and one less non elite than the previous wave. All are vulnerable to crowd control. If you wipe on any orc wave, the encounter resets, if you wipe on Broggok after killing all orcs, only Broggok resets, orcs don't.
  • Keli'dan the Breaker - 63 Elite - Keli'dan is channeling the spell holding down Magtheridon with five warlocks. He does not attack until all the warlocks are taken down. All warlocks aggro at the same time, and they're vulnerable to crowd control. Keli'dan has an occasional ground zero area effect spell which is preceded by an emote and a period of immunity; there is normally sufficient time for everyone to get out of range of this effect. On heroic, Keli'dan pulls everyone in to him just before the ground zero effect, but there's still enough time to get out of his range if you move right away.

See the individual boss pages for more detailed information and strategies.

Trash Mobs

Mob Abilities Heroic
Laughing Skull Rogue Tend to wander alone stealthed and are easily dealt with as long as they aren't adds to a party already in combat. They can easily be single-pulled if you know where to look. They are found primarily in two locations: on the stairway leading up from the first room, and in the blue room after the second boss. Respawn at a fairly quick rate. It is recommended that your party travel back through the instance together after a wipe. Can be mind controlled. Abilities: Slice and Dice, Poison, Stealth, and Kidney Shot Rogues still respawn fairly quickly on heroic, so keep an eye out. Can be mind controlled. .
Shadowmoon Adept Melee attacker with Kick and Thrash (gain two extra attacks with your next strike.). Can be seduced. Hits hard on cloth. Immune to mind control, but can be seduced.
Shadowmoon Warlock Typically accompanied by demonic pets. Casts Shadow Bolt, Corruption, Curse of Tongues and buffs their accompanying Felguard Brute or Felguard Annihilator with Fel Power (increases attack power and size). Can be mind controlled. Can be mind controlled and seduced.
Shadowmoon Summoner Must be killed first or crowd controlled. They will cast Summon Succubus and Summon Felhound comtinously. They can summon a new demon every 10 seconds if left alone, so be sure to kill them fast and interrupt their spells. They also cast Fireball and Flamestrike Can be mind controlled.
Shadowmoon Technician Drop Proxmity Mines on the ground which do a very small radius explosion that deals 1800 Fire damage. These mines are tripped by proximity, not a timer. A rogue can quickly disarm the mines when they are first dropped, or the tank can simply move the mobs away from the mines to be dealt with later. A warlock's Eye of Kilrogg can be used to run over the mines and detonate them safely, or a mage can use fire ward to set them off with minimal damage. In addition, they can Throw Dynamite and cast Silence (AoE silence, 5 sec duration). Can be seduced or mind controlled. Proximity mines do 3500 AoE fire damage. Can be seduced or mind controlled.
Orc Captive Nonelite mob. Casts Heal and Shadow Word: Pain.
Nascent Fel Orc Uses Concussion Blow, stunning their target briefly and casts Stomp (AoE knockback). Can be seduced, mind controlled, or sheeped. Can be seduced or sheeped, but immune to mind control.
Laughing Skull Enforcer Uses Shield Slam, stunning their target briefly, and casts Strike (similar to Heroic Strike). Immune to mind control, but can be sheeped or seduced.
Laughing Skull Warden Detects stealth. If trying to sap a mob in this group, try using distract to split half the group, then sap. Can be mind controlled or seduced. Abilities: Battle Shout Can be mind controlled or seduced.
Laughing Skull Legionnaire Casts Arcing Smash (sweeping attack that hits multiple targets), Uppercut (knocks a target back) and Enrages at low health. Can be mind controlled and be seduced. Immune to mind control, but can be seduced or sheeped.
Felguard Brute Can Pummel (interrupts the target's spell), Uppercut (knocks an enemy back). Can be banished or enslaved. Can be banished or feared, but immune to enslave.
Felguard Annihilator Located just before the final boss, and pulls in groups of 2 along with a warlock that will occasionally buff them. These Felguards will use a random second target system (RSTS) Intercept, and will also RSTS Pummel any spells being cast nearby their target. They will frequently drop aggro on the tank, meaning the tank is using all of his Taunts frequently. It can also use Pummel. Kill the orc first, then try to tank the Felguards as best as possible. A hunter or warlock pet can be invaluable. Once it's down to a single felguard, the tank should be able to hold aggro well enough by taunting whenever the felguard leaves him. Can be banished or enslaved. Cannot be enslaved, but can be banished. Also vulnerable to some stun abilities, such as a feral druid's Bash. They can now be tanked and won't randomly run around attacking people, but they hit extraordinarily hard and can easily one-shot anyone not wearing plate. It's essential to crowd control one of the felguard's.


See Blood Furnace loot.


  • During the Broggok event, the orcs that come out of the gated areas may be untargetable and completely invulnerable to damage and/or effects. This is caused by the mobs targeting a player (or pet, totem, etc.) as they aggro from the cage. It can be prevented by staying away from the cage as it opens. Resetting the event with a combat reset/wipe will usually fix the problem.
    • Occasionally orcs will aggro onto players through their cages before the event has started, with the same effect as above.
      • The two first wave can be skip by aggroing the third wave.
  • During the Keli'dan the Breaker fight, if Keli'dan dies to a dot while 'invulnerable' the event does not complete properly, and the door to the entrance does not open. Keli'dan himself is still lootable, however anyone wanting to walk out the instance has to walk all the way through it (and deal with Rogue respawns).


Neutral 15.png Blood Furnace Quests
Quest Name Quest Giver Subzone
This quest takes place in this zoneThis quest is part of a chain A [63] Heart of Rage (Alliance) IconSmall Dwarf Male.gifAlliance Gunny The Blood Furnace
This quest takes place in this zoneThis quest is part of a chain A [63] The Blood is Life (Alliance) IconSmall Dwarf Male.gifAlliance Gunny The Blood Furnace
This quest takes place in this zoneThis quest is part of a chain H [63] Heart of Rage (Horde) IconSmall Orc Male.gifHorde Caza'rez The Blood Furnace
This quest takes place in this zoneThis quest is part of a chain H [63] The Blood is Life (Horde) IconSmall Orc Male.gifHorde Caza'rez The Blood Furnace
This quest takes place in this zone N [70] Wanted: Keli'dan's Feathered Stave Neutral Wind Trader Zhareem The Blood Furnace (Heroic)


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