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This article or section contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Bloodeye Redfist was born into the Blackrock Clan of the famous warchief Orgrim Doomhammer. His childhood was steeped in war. He lost his eye in battle when he was barely seven.

He was found by Rehgar Earthfury in Booty Bay while he was being arrested by goblins. He was a hotheaded troublemaker, but he fought his would-be captors with skill and style. Rehgar saw his potential and bought him as a slave. When Thrall led the orcs to their new home across the sea Rehgar followed and brought Bloodeye with him to the red shores of Durotar. As they traveled the fight circuit Rehgar trained Bloodeye to think as well as fight. Within three years he became the orcs' favored champion. A year before his death Bloodeye beat all comers in single combat. Rehgar and Bloodeye grew rich.

Bloodeye bought his freedom but he wasn't ready to retire, so he and Rehgar pooled their funds to buy and train Broll Bearmantle and Valeera Sanguinar to join Bloodeye in team combat. But the day after Rehgar purchased Valeera, Bloodeye was poisoned by the mate of a fighter he slew in the arena. He did not die alone, however, as with his last breath he killed his assassin.

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