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Bloodvenom Post

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was a tiny Horde outpost in Felwood near the Bloodvenom River. It sat on the high cliffs overlooking Darkshore and consisted of only a single hut with a mailbox, a wind rider master, a few guards, and several NPCs, with no Innkeeper. It seemed to have been founded by the tauren due to the architecture and was guarded by tauren.

To find the post, follow the Bloodvenom River west along the south side, starting from the main stone path that runs north and south through Felwood. You will notice a dark trail — simply follow it around the hillside to reach the outpost.

In Cataclysm

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

Bloodvenom Post pre-Cataclysm

Bloodvenom Post was lost due to the slime experiments of Winna Hazzard. She has managed to corrupt the former inhabitants and turned them into Slime Slaves. Though quests lead into Bloodvenom Post - which now has new architecture - the Post remains unrecovered at the culmination of the quest line.

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Getting There

The instructions below assume you are located at the Felwood entrance from Ashenvale.

  1. Follow the road all way north, till you reach Bloodvenom Falls. Bloodvenom Falls is an area with a small green (toxic) pond in the middle of Felwood.
  2. Follow the stream from the pond west. If you are lagging or have stutter performance on your computer, be extremely careful. The end of the stream is a waterfall and an overstep can land you in Darkshore. There is no way back up if you fall, except a long trip of walking back.
  3. Before the you reach the end of the stream, there is a slope south up to Bloodvenom Post.

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