Bluefen is an area near the site of a village of the same name. It is now overrun with spiders, birds, raptors, crocolisks, and Theramore Infiltrators.

Bluefen Village

This small village stands on the damp border between the Barrens and Dustwallow Marsh. The area is known for a plant that the locals boil to produce distinctive, bright blue dyes. The powdered form of the dye is popular in markets for its supposed use in mystic tattoos. Shamans have displayed powers ranging from increased endurance to the ability to see in the dark, supposedly derived from the indigo tattoos they wear.[1] The tauren Boehein had won a vial filled with glowing blue-green liquid in Bluefen on his first elderquest, a potion that when imbued gave the user great strength.[2]

It may no longer exist by the time of World of Warcraft, or it may not appear due to scale issues.

Bluefen Plant

Bluefen is a plant found in the bluefen. Its unclear if the plant is named after the area, or after the village. Or if the village and area are named after the plant.[citation needed]