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The modern Bone Wastes

The Bone Wastes, early

The Bone Wastes is a desolate area of southern Terokkar Forest.

An early Bone Wastes was created on Draenor over 20 years ago around the time the Horde attacked Azeroth (it was located where much of the current Terrokar Forest exists today). It was created when an artifact was accidently discovered in Auchindoun. The orcs that discovered it accidently releasing an entity hidden inside which blew up much of Auchindoun during its escape, burning down much of Terrokar Forest with it. The explosion killed most inhabitants in the grave-city and only a few Shadow Council members escaped to report to Gul'Dan.[1] (BtDP 275-276)

Around two years ago [2], members of the shadow council blew up Auchindoun again, while intentionally summoning Murmur. This recreated the Bone Wastes but on a smaller scale, it now located within a small portion of the Terrokar Forest.

World PvP

In the instance wings of Auchindoun, you can collect a [Spirit Shard] by killing the boss while your faction (Alliance or Horde) controls the five Spirit Towers in the Bone Wastes. You can see the rewards that you can exchange these tokens for at, Terokkar Forest PvP Rewards.

Bone Wastes (Warcraft II)

This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Beyond the Dark Portal appears to combine elements from the story told in The Burning Crusade with map info see in Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal. However, the details do not quite match up. If both stories are taken into account Auchindoun would have been blown up twice, the first time accidently, and the second time during an intentional summoning of the entity.

Its unclear if the earlier Terokkar Forest regrew into the earlier Bone Wastes in time after the destruction of Draenor. Perhaps later with the help of druid magic from the Cenarion Expedition druids stationed there, becoming one of the Green Havens of Outland, only to be destroyed again shortly after.

In anycase, it is clear from the earlier map that Fortress Auchindoun — formerly an orc stronghold of the Bleeding Hollow clan was located at the fork of a major river (approximately where Shattrath and northern Terokkar Forest is now), and completely "razed" into "burning ruins" during a mission in Warcraft II . Its unclear if its location was shifted during destruction of Draenor, or simply by a retcon, but in anycase it appears to have been moved. The necropoplis of Auchindoun is located in the center of the (new) Bone Wastes and is said to have been a Draenei (not orcish) mausoleum before its destruction (it may have been used by the orcs as a fortress, however).


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