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Breanni is a neutral level 75 pet supplies vendor located in the Magical Menagerie store in Dalaran. Upon accomplishing the Money achievement.png Shop Smart, Shop Pet...Smart achievement, Breanni sends the player a [Reeking Pet Carrier] containing Stinker, a Vanity Pet. Then, when a player accomplishes the Money achievement.png Lil' Game Hunter she sends them a [Little Fawn's Salt Lick] by mail. She also supplies the [Turkey Cage] when Money achievement.png Pilgrim is earned.

She mailed players a special [Unhatched Mr. Chilly] when they converted their World of Warcraft account into a account. This non-combat pet was available from October 15 to November 10, 2009.

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<Pet Supplies>
Item Cost Type
Inv box petcarrier 01.png [Cat Carrier (Calico Cat)] 50g Small Pet
Spell nature guardianward.png [Albino Snake] 50g Small Pet
Ability mount raptor.png [Obsidian Hatchling] 50g Small Pet
Inv fabric wool 02.png [Fetch Ball] x5 50s Consumable
Inv valentinescandysack.png [Happy Pet Snack] x5 50s Consumable
Inv drink 19.png [Pet Grooming Kit] 50s Consumable
Inv misc bandage 15.png [Rope Pet Leash] 75s Small Pet Accessory
Inv misc bandage 16.png [Red Ribbon Pet Leash] 1g 50s Small Pet Accessory


The NPC is modeled after the female gnome mage Breanni,[1] the character and nom de plume of Brian Brolin, the owner of WarcraftPets.[2]


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