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"Bundle of Romantic Correspondences" is a book in Dalaran which can spawn in place of The Schools of Arcane Magic.

[52.2, 54.8]


Bundle of Romantic Correspondences

-- Page 1


I can scarcely pass the seconds in your absence. My every waking moment yearns for your touch, your sweet, woolen caress.

Were the Stars to fall from the sky, I'd catch not a one amid the brighter light burning, blinding, beyond the the infinity of your eyes.

-- Page 2


The crescent moon wanes, and my fingertips bristle with anticipation at the thought of the new moon, its inky void stretching the breadth of the night sky to hide our sinful pleasures.

I am the breathless, airless, gasping for the breath I breathe alongside thee.

-- Page 3


The eve has come, and the cold night air's my only companion. The stiff branches stand stolid watch o'er the grove where we kept council, their bony fingers slapping me for a fool as I forage for thee amid the foliage.

I ache for thee where only a man may ache for this woman.

-- Page 4


Imagine my surprise at the postman's refusal to take my letter to thee! Surely, this is a mistake? Mine eyes scour over the meticulous copies I've made of each of my past letters, but I can find no cause for errant worry. I shall deliver this letter by my hand if the damned fool is convinced that my love of loves would refuse my correspondence!

-- Page 5

Good Sir;

Lady Rheanna has demanded explicitly that no communication on your part should reach her under any circumstances. You are hereby ordered to refrain from such.

Milady also wishes me, briefly, to inform you that the incident involving your untimely polymorph spell, while intriguing, was an accident she does not wish to revisit.

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