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Captain Sanders can be found in Old Hillsbrad Foothills. He is known for the four-part Westfall quest chain in which players must find his buried treasure, including the much sought after Bind on Pickup Captain Sanders' Shirt. He is seen alive with Captain Edward Hanes in Old Southshore. After a little bit, a scripted event will occur when he goes out with Hanes to talk about his boat ... and his treasure:

Hanes: What are you doing Sanders?
Sanders: I just be makin' sure we wasn't followed! *hic*
Sanders: It be clear...
Sanders: Thar she be! Ain't she a beaut?
Hanes: Aye, she's a beaut alright. And you parked her right next to my frigate! *hic*
Sanders: That thar monster be yers, Ed? Arrr...She's a big'un!
Hanes: Ayep! She's all mine... I'm gonna sail her around the world. Across the sea!
Sanders: Arrr, Ed! She definitely be seaworthy
Hanes: Sanders, what have you got in that chest?
Sanders: Can ye keep a secret, Ed? Arr...dead men tell no tales!
Sanders: It be me treasure, Ed. Me life's work! Arr...One white shirt fit fer a pirate king to be wearin'!
Sanders: One red sash that ye can put on yer head or britches. Pride o'the fleet, that sash is...
Sanders: An'last but certainly not least, one enormous bag! Big enough to fit eight whole apples! Eight, Ed! Can ye believe it?
Captain Edward Hanes gasps
Sanders: Yarrr! Keep it down, Ed! Thar be scallywags about! Their scallywag ears be listenin' for gasps like that one just escaped your lips!
Hanes: I'm sorry, Sanders. I've just never seen such a bounty. It took me by suprise.
Sanders: It be alright, Ed. Me booty be locked away good in that thar chest. No fool will ever have Cap'n Sanders's treasure! Let's go get another drink. The spirit be runnin' low.

The name Captain Sanders seems to be a play on the name Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) by changing Colonel to Captain, making it more seafaring sounding. Colonel Sanders and KFC are associated with Long John Silvers the restaurant (named for the famous pirate from Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island), as both are owned by Yum Brand Co. (Pepsi) and often share space in the same building.



Captain Sanders' Hidden Treasure (opening the chest) TGN.TV on YouTube

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